Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Two New Customs

I finished these guys off last week whilst I was at home but didn't have time to gloss them so brought both horses and gloss back to my mum's house!

Today I finally got around to glossing them and photographing them. I don't have a light tent or anything here so I have to make do with a white photo background wrapped around a bit of a Billy Bookcase and then propped in front of an open door (whilst also attempting to make sure Caesar doesn't make a break for freedom).

Change the World

Change the World is a Breyer Stablemate G2 Rearing Arabian.

This model has been painted to a liver chestnut with minimal sabino markings. He has heavy whites on four legs and a white blaze. He was based on a photo of a hackney pony and I'm really happy with how the colour came out. It really suits this mould.

He would make a lovely little Arabian for showing, he's a little bit different and the heavy white really suits this particular rearing model.

If you would like him he is for sale on our website priced at £25.00. You can buy him here: https://www.ukmodelhorses.com/store/p169/Change_The_World.html#/


Another chestnut and again a dark rich colour rather than the usual bright almost orange ones I like to produce :p

Changes is a Breyer Stablemate G3 Peruvian Paso. He has subtle dappling on his barrel done in pastels. He was painted in airbrushed acrylics with pastels on his mane and tail to add more depth to his colour.

He has a fine white stripe and a white sock on one rear hoof. He is a really lovely and unique looking model on a very popular mould.

He is priced at £25.00 - if you would like to give him a home please just drop me an email and I'll arrange payment. Postage will be £2.95 for 2nd class UK but we also offer faster and tracked options as well as international shipping.

If you want to learn more about customising model horses or follow a few tutorials so you can create your very own custom models then take a look at our website www.ukmodelhorses.com

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Updated Supreme Champion Data

I've been inputting the more recent data into the Supreme Champion spreadsheet, weirdly despite inputting nearly all of this year's champions hardly any of the data has actually changed from the beginning of the year!

The top finish is still Artist Resin

The top colour is still Grey

The top breed is now a joint between Warmblood and Appaloosa. Warmblood has now officially overtake Thoroughbred (5%) which now stands joint with Paint Horses (5%). Both Appaloosa & Warmblood are on 6%.

In Hand entries are still by far more popular (it would be more interesting to see whether at shows that involved both performance and in hand which was the more popular choice).

And Scene is still the most popular choice for a performance Supreme Champion by far.

So little to report! There are still a few more shows this year and I am missing a lot of data from over the Summer because I had a break and can't find images for a lot of shows. So if you think you've got some data to contribute (UK shows only please) get in touch :D

I got bored and threw together this as well:

Image may contain: text

So yes, if you want to win according to the data you need a Grey Artist Resin Warmblood :)

Friday, 12 October 2018

Packing...It's Important

When we are packing things up at shows we can often just want to get packed and sometimes cut corners or make silly mistakes.

Well today we are going to go back to April 2016 when I stupidly put two AA Rearing Arabians into their pouches the wrong way up! The result was that all their weight was resting on the sticking out leg. It is no surprise therefore that by the time I got home (all of like half an hour later), the legs had snapped.

Thankfully the amazing Arla was able to repair them so they look as good as new but I certainly won't be making that mistake again!

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Counting Up The Collection

OK so I should start this with a preface, I have not counted. I mean half the models are in boxes so I can't really count!

But I thought it might be fun to share some pics from just after I moved (and a few more recent ones) on the old temporary shelving. If I was at home I would take some more recent pics but you'll just have to deal with these ones for now :p

For the curious I estimate that I have around 2,000 but honestly I'm not really sure. I have around 1600 properly catalogued.

Some of the main Traditional shelves with smaller models in front:

The Stablemate shelves as of June. It's now October and these are completely full. I went a bit Stablemate over board over the Summer...

My Bobby Jo conga :D

Some of the other Traditional shelves:

The whole pony room (it looks so empty...)

It disturbs me that there are now four new horses on these shelves!


A random pile of stuff...

Did someone say random pile of stuff???

How is it that I've moved to having a much larger pony room but have already run out of space and haven't even finished putting my collection out?!?! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Share the Love

In today's Blog post I'm going to do something I very rarely do, I'm going to very shamelessly ask you to share, like and comment on Chestnut Ridge things.

You know the more you do this, the more people see it and the more people who see stuff the happier I am and the happier you are because the more stuff I do :) Honestly, it does work like that! Just like the more stuff people buy, the more products we offer, want to see new horses, buy the current ones and we can order in new ones :D


So today I'm asking all of you to share one thing. It could be a Blog post from this Blog, it could be our website or your favourite page from our website, it could be a Facebook post, or you could like/comment on something we've shared on Instagram (or even give us a shoutout).

And in return you get that awesome warm fuzzy feeling that you've helped out, in your own special way you've helped the amazing community that is Chestnut Ridge grow :)

Here is a completely random irrelevant picture for you to look at :p

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Halloweenies 2018

I forgot how exhausting live showing was! Absolutely knackered and my feet are killing me but we had a wonderful day. Brandy is so happy to be back on the showing circuit!

For those who want to see all the pictures they can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10156503402415155&type=1&l=6c38e0b9bd

But for those who just want a few selected highlights here is my report from the show :D

I can't deny the fact that on Saturday morning I did not want to get out of bed! It's only an hour drive to Tadley but the show starts early which meant I had to get up early. I have well and truly caught the BMECS Bug so didn't get much sleep Friday night at all. Cue very grumpy me.

Brandy saw the boxes and immediately got VERY excited! She was literally shaking the whole way to the show, because clearly excitement means anxiety attack if your Brandy. She hasn't been to a show since May and probably enjoys it far more than I do, I definitely think she's missed everyone.

We arrived way too early and sat around in the car for a bit catching Pokemon (the hall was a pokestop so all were happy) before I kitted Brandy out in her amazing spider costume! As it was a fairytale themed show I wore traditional German dress and carried a basket with bread in it (which was actually very useful for putting things in during the show).

Once in we set up in our usual spot (I do love a usual spot live show) and Brandy got to work greeting all her friends, including Zak her greyhound boyfriend who she has definitely missed! The wonderful thing about minis shows is that they don't take up much table space and you can lie most of the models down, preventing too much wobbling!

There were a lot of hellos (and a few hugs #spreadingtheBMECSbug) and I was so overwhelmed to receive a beautiful card :D Brendon was sulking because Laura was late and he wanted to go out and buy a paper and such things and couldn't leave me unsupervised but shortly the show got underway :D

The first section in all three rings was performance. I should mention that Halloweenies is a mini show, but that doesn't mean the performance section is empty! The level of tiny insanity shown in these entries is just mind boggling. I honestly don't know how anyone can do Mini Whinnie scale performance! Madness....

Below is one of the scene entries. This one has been around for a while but Catherine did a load more work to it including adding the moonlight at the back and making the light in the pumpkin flicker! (sorry I forgot to get a video). It was really beautiful.

I also just adored this scene entry. The Copperfoxes are the mini resins that have been painted to look like their big cousins. Can you spot Henrietta? I thought it was a brilliant idea and I know its got a lot of love on Instagram!

Here is just one example of the insanity expressed by miniature tack makers. I am honestly in awe of anyone who can make such beautiful tiny tack.

One of the English performance entries. Again look at the level of detail in the hand made tack on this Stablemate!

It was soon time for the performance championship. There were a good selection of stunning entries but I don't think anyone would dispute the champion choice.

Performance Championship


Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

It was now time for the in hand classes. The first three sections to run were CTF, OF and CM. Models up to the size of CollectA were allowed to be shown. Halloweenies is honestly one of the most competitive shows of the year, even getting a 6th place at Weenies is such an achievement. The classes are HUGE and many contain 6 or 7 of exactly the same model. They are a complete nightmare to judge let me tell you!

I was eager to get a lot of my new models in the ring after quite a long showing break. I decided I only wanted to take one of my new RubberNedz Trakehners (I am taking the black one to the next show). Here is a picture of Albert in the ring at his first ever show (also check out the amazing table decorations that Clare makes).

Below is just one of the hundreds of stunning custom entries. Many of them are resculpts and all of them are just gorgeous.

Nedlets were not an uncommon sight in the CTF section as I'm sure you would imagine! Below are two of the drafters being shown, the first is a gorgeous bay roan and the second a stunning bay.

Another example of a lovely custom, just look at the roaning on those quarters!

Did I say something about lovely customs? This was a Breyer Stablemate Valegro, the richness of the bay is just amazing and I love the resculpting work.

I loved this little CTF model. He has such a cute face! I want to get one to repaint at some point he's just too adorable.

There are a lot of CollectA models on show in the CTF section, this is just one of them, a little bay Quarter Horse foal.

A shot of the whole hall, you can see the three rings (and yes it is necessary to have such massive rings at a tiny show) including the really rather awesome table decorations!

Another stunning custom, this one has been rehaired! And look at those ribbons!

It was now time for the CTF championship. There was a lot of variety, including RubberNedz, CollectA and Schleich models (as well as some others). All of which were really lovely.

CTF Championship

Champion - CRS Albert I

Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

I was absolutely delighted (and completely shocked) to win CTF Champion! Albert did mummy really proud :D I am also pleased to say that the Reserve to Reserve champion was sold by Chestnut Ridge!

It was now time for lunch (nom nom). At lunchtime there were a couple of fun classes. The show host makes these cute little animals called Plushlings and Hatchlings (Plushlings are horses and Hatchlings are dragons). Below are some of the entries for the Hatchlings class!

As you can see they won crocheted pumpkins, Sheriff won 5th place and i just love my little pumpkin :D

Lunch also meant raffle time. There was a huge raffle with lots of different prize on offer. It raised several hundred pounds for retired race horses which was just wonderful :D

Now back onto the showing! As the CTF section had finished it was time for the Animal Artistry section to take over Ring 1.

My beautiful Darcy was looking very gorgeous in the show ring :D

Below is another Stablemate custom resculpt. I really love what they have done with this G4 Mustang, he just looks so wild.

It was now time for the huge OF championship. There was a good mixture of Breyers, Stones and some resin and chinas in the ring. I did not envy the judges having to judge it!

Original Finish Championship


Another picture of the champion because isn't he just a gorgeous model?

Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

And just as one section finishes so does another! Below are the winners from the incredibly competitive custom championship.

Custom Championship


Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

And the Animal Artistry championship (I was tired and didn't take as many pictures in the afternoon). Donna donated some gorgeous skeleton heads to the champions of this section.

I had the pleasure of helping to judge it. Thankfully we both agreed almost immediately on what we wanted as the top 3 so it was nice and quick!

AA Championship


Another shot of the stunning champion. I love the colour on this model.

Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

I'm afraid I didn't get many pics of the individual AR horses. This section ran in all three rings following the custom, OF and AA sections! I do have pictures of the champions though.

I also had the pleasure of helping to judge the AR championship. Again an easy decision as we both agreed!

Artist Resin Championship


A better picture of the champion winning horse with flash.

Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

Which meant it was time for the Supreme! Here you can see the judges hard at work assessing the line up. You can also see the beautiful green, purple and black rosettes that were awarded.

I also completely forgot to mention that the champions won these really cool books! I'm so looking forward to reading mine :D

Supreme Championship

Supreme Champion

Reserve Supreme Champion - CRS Albert I

Reserve to Reserve Supreme Champion

I was completely shocked and over the moon at how well Albert did. Thank you so much to all the judges, I'm so in love with this pony and I just adore my amazing new rosettes :D Also I now have two really cool looking books to read!

A massive thank you to Clare for running such a wonderful show, to Richard for stewarding and to all the judges and helpers. I felt like crap after BMECS but after yesterday I've been reminded why I go to shows, I had a really wonderful day, thank you x