Sunday, 22 September 2013

The weekend that was....

Another rather chaotic post about me basically getting very little done despite working on it all weekend...feel like I'm getting nowhere fast at the moment!

First up the dapple grey Hanoverian. After an hour of airbrushing I'm surprised I can still feel my fingers really...

Next up the BMECS donation piece, this is taking forever. I should have just painted something...all the legs are now done..

The Cremello Wintersong that is currently looking very white and not very pink. Pink is the next step though

And now for the packing. I'm more than half way but it doesn't really feel like it. Also I've run out of bubble wrap and I've only got one box left...not good...

The word organised chaos...or maybe just chaos comes to mind

Now onto the tack making. Actually got something finished which is good I guess...

This is the Western saddle. All the pieces are cut out and I've started to do the saddle horn

This is the grackle bridle. The cheek pieces are now complete and affixed to the bit and have buckles. Next step is to do the noseband and then we are nearly done!

This is one of the pieces that needs doing for BMECS. It's a white barrel racing bridle. The saddle to go with it is redy brown and the rest of the set is orange. So I decided that white with orange reins would look pretty cool

And my one completed piece. This is an English bridle ready for BMECS on the Schleich it will be shown on.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


Kimbia is the first in the Breyer Collectors Club 'big cats' range. I think he's a bit of a Marmite model...I'm really not sure if I like him or not. I've entered for him so we will see...

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Weekend That Was

Well more the Sunday that was as I worked all day Saturday...

First up is packing for BMECS....haven't even managed two boxes...

The packing station

The wrapping up and cleaning station

Box number two in progress

This is a Western saddle that is currently in progress. It will be tan and black when finished. So far in the process of cutting it out, all dyed in a nice dark tan

This is surprisingly a grackle bridle. It will eventually be brown with silver hardware and a D-ring bit

This is a light dapple grey Hanoverian that is currently in progress as a commission piece

This boy is another commission piece, he will eventually be cremello

This will be my BMECS donation piece. A diamonte covered mini whinnie!


Meant to do a post about this guy ages ago but didn't get round to it! Personally I would have preferred the Lonesome Glory mold but Smarty is OK too...

Friday, 13 September 2013

Indian Pony

Here's a nice one for you. I'm not much a fan of the mold but the colour is nice and it has feathers. Cat likes feathers

PRE ORDER #1706 Rare Version Indian Pony

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Can you find the golden ticket?

Can you find the golden ticket???

All of the next 50 orders from our website will contain an envelope. In one of those envelopes is a golden ticket! Find the golden ticket and you will receive a beautiful Traditional scale custom.

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit: to order

Sussex Showdown 2013

Here is a full public link to my pictures from the day:

Apologies that they are so crap, my camera went off for repair and now I just can't get it right.

And here are my favourite shots from the day:

Probably the best present I've received in a while!

My own table:

The raffle:

The Tombola:

My little Patches getting a 3rd place:

Aego who got a second place

Joker getting a second place in quite a large class :D


Spartacus taking a reserve champion

Lisa who just returned from repair and took a 1st :D

The new Breyer Laredo model:

Just love this shot!

Lisa taking a champion

This gorgeous haired Weathergirl is making me very excited about getting mine back!

Most beautiful model of the day award? Well I think I know who that goes to!

This guy looks like he's gonna be awesome!

Lisa taking overall custom champion

Not quite sure how she beat this guy!

The overall champion

And the reserve

And the reserve to reserve