Sunday, 2 August 2015

Doing BMECS Entries

It's that time of year again.

Normally I don't get them done until after the last show for that year but this year is a bit unusual. The last show for this year is only for horses that haven't qualified so I need to do these first!

I like to keep organised, so I have folders for all the tickets. For this year I need the folders for 2014/15 and 2015/16

Lots of tickets!

I now have to organise them. I start with the 2014/15 tickets as these need to be done first. They need to be organised into in hand (green), performance (yellow) and workmanship (blue).

I do the same thing with the 2015/16 tickets

Now it's time to start adding them to the spreadsheet! File is downloaded and we are ready to start, I remember the days when you had to use word.....I am so thankful they moved to excel!

I start with 2014/15 tickets as these won't be valid for next year so have to be used this year. I always start with in hand.

You can see that these are all 2014/15 tickets:

Once a card is done and on the spreadsheet it goes onto the pile of cards to go to BMECS

Tickets that are duplicates go into a different pile, these will all be filed into the Out of Date BMECS ticket eventually, but not until after BMECS entries have been confirmed and approved (just in case I've made a mistake)

All done! Look at the lovely piles

Now time to do 2015/16...that is one large pile of tickets! Again we seperate out the ones to send to BMECS and the duplicates

All done! That took a long time...the 2015/16 tickets have to be kept for next year...note how I had to have coffee half way through!

Now moving onto Workmanship, exactly the same process, start off with 2014/15

All of them are done, I don't really have many workmanship tickets!

We now move onto performance. Performance is a bit different as the horse only has to provide one ticket for a section, so you always end up with lots of left over tickets

Lots and lots of piles....

Once done the tickets are all organised into a nice big pile, ready to be handed over to the BMECS team at POWIE

The Spreadsheet!!!

Sana was the lucky first horse this year (well done Sana for being top of the pile). The spreadsheet is pretty easy to fill out once you are used to it

This year is a little different in that you have to find your own class, I use the navigation bar and CTRL + F to find the classes

Here we go...class 3, PBA

Now to just enter that into the spreadsheet

When I do Workmanship and Performance I seperate them out from the other horses

The final step is to organise the columns. I sort them first by class number and then by section. This lets me know for next weekend if there are any classes we would like to get horses qualified into and will also make it easier for the poor soul who has to do my entries!

So there we go...we have 283 entries so far! Can't remember if that is more or less than last year...I suspect it is about the same, maybe a little more. At least it is split over two days this year!