Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Week In the Life of Chestnut Ridge - Day 6

The main working week is nearly over, but at weekends there are still a million and one things to do!

8.30 - Wake Up

No alarms at weekends (that's a lie there is one on my watch set to 9.30). I am as usual awoken by the cat sitting on my face so I can't breath.

9.00-11.23 - Walking Brandy

A nice long walk today, not as sunny as it was but that was actually quite nice!

11.23-11.25 - Popular Votes & Eventing

Popular votes photoshows closes for entries today so that needs to be done.

And we need to start work on Day 2 of the eventing.

11.25-11.29 - Daily Deal

Daily deal is up, today it is 15% off a Paint and play Morgan

11.29-11.36 - Eventing

Cross country takes a lot longer to do than dressage, so yay.

11.36-11.49 - Stretches & Exercises

Stretchy stretchy muscles. All nice and stretched out.

11.49-11.50 - Eventing Series

Quick post, we are now onto the BE90

11.50-11.54 - Emails

Emails are all done, with the exception of the ninety thousand sent by my mother which I shall at some point deal with. Highlights today include a picture of a guinea pig.

11.54-16.30 - Garden Centre, Woods & Fish

Brendon isn't working so we had an afternoon out and sort of combined it with getting tomato feed and compost (and some celery) as well as getting four new family members :)

These are not the family members, they are just some pigs we met on the way:

Image may contain: outdoor

16.30-17.23 - Gardening

Everything is pruned, dead headed and weeded and the whole garden has been swept. I also repotted the chilli and put it outside as well as planting my new celery.

17.23-17.28 - Eventing

There is a lot of eventing to get done this evening, so know how I'll be spending my time!

17.28-17.54 - Admin

I hate the website. I hated it when I had to work with it everyday. I hate it still now.

17.54-17.59 - Eventing

It's a never ending cycle of random number generating this weekend

17.59-18.06 - Model of the Day

Today it is Dara, a lovely roan Johar

No automatic alt text available.

18.06-18.12 - Eventing

BE Novice is done. Whenever I do this I always see it as three groups, onto the second group now, nearly half way through!

18.12-18.27 - Exercise

Bit late in the day but very important to do exercise daily :) Today it is a pretty basic workout, more working on stretching and strength than cadio based work. Mainly because I'm exhausted and about to fall asleep.

18.27-18.30 - Eventing

BE Intermediate is done which means we are half way through *yay*

18.30-18.32 - Social Media

A quick Facebook post to remind people to enter this month's competition. This month you could win a little CollectA Pinto Foal.

18.32-18.36 - Instagram

A quick Instagram post as I haven't done one yet today - very important to keep those followers happy :D Even if it was just a picture of my new plec :D

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18.36-18.40 - Eventing

We are onto the CCI now which means it is nearly finished *happy dance*

18.40-18.43 - Clean Toilet

I have that kind of highly exciting life that involves spending my Saturday evenings cleaning the toilet.

18.43-18.46 - Eventing

Just two more sections to go for the cross country...nearly done for the day.

18.46-18.55 - Clean Study

Now smells like polish, much better than the stench of primer and sealant that usually fills the room!

18.55-20.02 - Dinner

I am exhausted today, but there was a nice program about otters on TV during dinner.

20.02-20.07 - Eventing Series

The 3 star is done which means just the four star to do and then the cross country is all done :)

20.07-20.11 - Hoover Study

I finish off cleaning the study by giving a quick hoover. I discover the second clothes moth this week, at least this one wasn't on the mane of a RubberNed!

20.11-20.17 - Eventing Series

I finish off the final set of cross country results for today and upload them into the Facebook group.

20.17-20.19 - Blog Post

I am absolutely in love with the latest BF release, she is gorgeous!

June 24

20.19-21.00 - Pets and Plants

Everyone is fed and watered, including the new arrivals who are settling in well. The plants have had a good feed tonight as well, although they'll also get some fish tank water tomorrow when Brendon does the tanks (literally the best fertiliser)!

Here is a blurry picture of three of the new arrivals:

No automatic alt text available.

21.51 - Bed

After watching a bit of TV and waiting for Brendon to get back so I could show him a bit of TV it is off to bed. Didn't get much done today which means tomorrow is going to be a bit of a mad rush, particularly considering I haven't done anything for next Saturday's show...

Another BF Auction Model - I AM IN LOVE

O wow! What I would give to own this beauty. The colour is just amazing, right up my street.

June 24

This is probably one of my favourite ever Breyer horses, she is just stunning.

Model of the Day - Dara

Our model of the day today is CRS So Dear To My Heart aka Dara

No automatic alt text available.

Name: Dara
Show Name: CRS So Dear to my Heart
Breed: PBA
Colour: Blue Roan
Gender: Mare
Scale: Classic
Brand: Breyer
Model Number: 61087
Model Name: A Champion is Born
Mould: Johar
Year Produced: 2015-16
Face Markings: White Half Stripe
Leg Markings: 3x White Socks
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 953
Best Live Show Placing: None

A Week in the Life of Chestnut Ridge - Day 5

The week is nearly done! I hope you've enjoyed this slightly unusual blog post throughout the week.

So now it's Friday *yay*

6.04 - Wake Up

Things we've learned today, I cannot mute my alarm more than four times.

6.15-7.40 - Walk Brandy

A nice long walk this morning, the new Pokemon go gyms are up so I made sure I fed berries to all the Pokemons and also spin the disks (I like this new feature).

Here is a nice shot of this morning's view

Image may contain: sky, cloud, plant, grass, tree, outdoor and nature

7.40-8.02 - Feed Pets

Opened up some windows and distracted the cat with food. The house is slowly becoming less stuffy!

8.02-8.16 - Exercises

I can do them all without checking the list now :p I do different ones each week, so it does take a few days for me to remember what on earth I'm doing!

8.16-8.37 - Running

A quick workout on the running machine before I start work for the morning. Listening to Green Day at the same time :p

08.37-09.01 - Bath

A quick bath before I start work for the day. Caesar enhanced it by using the litter tray just as I got in. Then he opened my study door and tried to jump out the window. Think maybe it is time for another cup of coffee!

09.01-09.10 - Daily Deal

Today's one is good! 50% off a Stablemate custom. Each deal is done randomly.

09.10-09.11 - Eventing Series

Throughout today I'll also be doing work on the 3 Day Event which is a postal show I run. Part of the fun is releasing results throughout the weekend and encouraging people to do a bit of RP in the Facebook group.

09.11-09.16 - Friday Fun

We do this every Friday on the Chestnut Ridge Facebook page. This week you need to find all the animals that have escaped over my bookshelf.

No automatic alt text available.

09.16-09.18 - Breakfast

I put some crumpets in the oven earlier, so now have them out whilst I do my emails!

09.18-09.24 - Emails

Emails and book keeping done for the day. Including saving photographs that have been entered into our Paint photoshow.

09.24-09.31 - Eventing Series

I try to do one thing every half an hour or everytime I finish a job. Dressage is pretty easy as it is literally just copy and pasting.

09.31-09.54 - Graphics

I try to add at least one new banner image each week. This week we managed three :) Even if I don't have time to do five new ones I will try and change them around regularly so the website looks updated on a regular basis.

09.54-09.57 - Eventing Series

You are going to realise how boring this is by the end of the day :p Another Eventing Series post.

09.57-12.33 - Work

Not a full shift today but had to go into the office to sort things out. I normally combine this with any shopping etc. that needs to be done, particularly if I have a live show that weekend.

12.33-12.36 - Eventing Series

BE90 is done and uploaded :)

12.36-12.53 - Clean Out Guinea Pigs

Boys are all cleaned out and happy. Gave them a nice big pile of hay which Phantom is now sat in.

12.53-12.55 - Eventing Series

These short posts are just the ones that go "up next is". Depending on how busy I am I often will do other posts as well saying things like "O know and so and so has fallen at the third fence".

12.55-12.59 - Packing Parcels

Only a couple today so I get them packed really quickly and ready to head off to the Post Office.

12.59-13.24 - Post Office

I may have also gone and taken a Pokemon gym :p

13.24-13.28 - Eventing Series

BE100 is now done :)

13.28-13.39 - Model of the Day

Today it is (appropriately considering the Pokemon theme of this day) CRS Air Slash aka Pidgeotto

No automatic alt text available.

13.39-13.41 - Instagram

A quick Instagram post because I'm aware that I haven't done one today. I will probably do more but if I reach a certain point and haven't done one I make sure I do!

13.41-13.46 - Reading

Head is feeling a bit fuzzy so I sit back and read a couple of pages of my book (The biography of Lord Reading in case you are curious). But alas one must carry on with the day!

13.46-14.07 - Lunch

Whilst eating I also register for one of those online business directory things. I generally sign up for as many free ones as possible.

14.07-14.28 - Newsletter

Still working on the news articles, nearly there! Quite a lot of focus on BreyerFest as this is June's edition.

14.28-14.31 - Website Update

I realised decent pictures of Man O' War are now available so update the website with a nice image.

 Man O' War

14.31-14.34 - Eventing Series

Results for the BE Novice are now done.

14.34-14.51 - Orders

I spend some time working on a commission. It is a heavy sabino Clydesdale, he is given four layers of airbrushing to create the base colour. He will now need about a thousand layers of white to create the finished effect.

No automatic alt text available.

Sealant is drying on the airbrushing before I start the pencil work, this just makes sure I don't damage the base colour whilst handling her.

14.51-15.01 - Coffee and Idiots

As well as making a cup of coffee I also have to sort out idiots in Popular Votes Photoshows who have decided to like photos before judging opens.

15.01-15.13 - Orders

It is now time to do the white on the drafter. The first step is to block out using a pencil, I do some heavy hairing and also basically colouring in some parts (such as the legs). I do it a side at the time, putting sealant on in between.

No automatic alt text available.

15.13-15.15 - Eventing Series

Another quick eventing series post, onto the BE Intermediate.

15.15-15.31 - Magazine

Still on the news section, I'm doing some cool side banners featuring the new Spirit Riding Free range.

15.31-15.42 - Orders

Work on the other side of the drafter. Sealant is now drying and she has all her pencilling done. The next step is to airbrush some white on to create roaning across the whole body.

15.42-15.46 - Eventing Series

BE Intermediate is done, just one more BE set to do before we move onto the CCI.

15.46-16.00 - Magazine

My day is getting a bit repetitive by this point but these things needs to get done! The news is nearly finished, literally just one more article to finish and then I have to work out how to fill the random gap I have...

16.00-16.05 - Blog Posts

Four new BreyerFest models have been announced since I last blogged so I add these guys to the Blog :D

Look at this lovely glossy Vanilla:


16.05-16.06 - Eventing Series

Another quick eventing update before we move on to the magazine again!

16.06-16.46 - Magazine

All of the news is now done, but I do have about half a page that is currently blank. So we are going to have to think of a creative way to fill that! I was going to add a live show quote of the month but cannot for the life of me think of anything to add...

After a brief break I figured out how to fill the gap and finished off the latest news pages. I have also started writing the show report which is about Sycamore Stud Live. I always try and pick the most recent live show I attended and usually try and write it as soon as possible afterwards. My memory isn't the greatest, even with photos as reference!

16.46-16.51 - Eventing Series

BE Advanced are now done :D We are getting there slowly, just four more dressage sections to go.

16.51-17.25 - Painting

I do a layer of paint on each of the five horses in my current batch. I have also now realised that I am out of primer.

17.25-17.30 - Buying Primer

If you see you are nearly out of primer you should buy more primer!

17.30-17.45 - Studying

Spending a quarter of an hour doing a bit of studying for my BHS exams. Brain is basically mush by this point on a Friday but it is a bit of a break from painting to allow things to dry.

17.45-17.47 - Eventing

We are getting there slowly with the dressage.

17.47-18.20 - Painting

Yay I actually finished two horses! A mini whinnie and a little resin Saddlebred are now both complete. Two little resin Clydesdales are also looking good. I have also nearly finished priming a Julip foal.

Image may contain: shoes

18.20-18.24 - Eventing

CCI* is now done, which means just three more to do.

18.24-19.35 - Dinner

Tonight's dinner is "stuff what I found in the freezer curry"

At the same time we empty the dishwasher, do the washing up, fill up the water bowls, tidy the lounge and other general jobs that need doing.

19.35-19.48 - Live Show List

Starting work preparing for next weekend's live show by writing my own list. I'm really behind with this show as always.

19.48-19.51 - Eventing

CCI** is now done, just two more to go.

19.51-20.01 - Live Show List

List for Pretty in Pink is all written, now to just pack over the weekend (o and like actually make some tack sets)

20.01-20.14 - Eventing Series

Final dressage results are completed and uploaded.

20.14-20.26 - Graphics

I finish off the graphics I started earlier and update the website with five new banner images.

20.26-23.00 - TV & Balance Ball

I only fell off twice last night. So yay *go me*

23.00-23.15 - Feed Pets

It rained so no need to do the plants, animals are fed and put to bed.