Thursday, 29 October 2015

Stablemate Collector's Club

It is now open!

Really happy to see that they've thought about the international issue (it did look at one point that we'd be pay $40+ shipping for each model...insane)!

But they've created an 'international' option where we get our models in two shipments with reduced shipping rates so it is more reasonable.

So I'm all signed up, yes it's a pain we won't get three of them until after the end of the show season, but still good that we don't have stupid shipping!

To join:

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

New Copperfox Irish Sport Horse

The new Copperfox Irish Sports Horse sculpture has been announced.

It is sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn and you can see pictures on their Facebook page here:

Monday, 26 October 2015

American Pharoah Resin

Completely forgot to blog this (bad Cat)

Anyway a better picture has emerged of the American Pharoah gallery piece:



O and whilst we are on the subject this article has a picture of American Pharoah in box (although it also has horrible nasty pop ups):

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Introducing Zeus

I will admit this RubberNedz obsession is getting a bit out of hand now...

So meet number four in the collection, the incredible, the wonderful, the mighty, Zeus

Donna has seriously outdone herself with him, he is absolutely STUNNING! He is huge and rubbery and has a fluffy mane and a horn and he is AMAZING

As you can probably tell he doesn't actually have a stand yet, so had to use a disguised box to make him stand up!

Look at his adorable face!

O and apparently coffee works quite well to make him stand also

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lah Di Dah Live

Wow....I'm definitely still recovering from this show, it was intense, but totally worth it.

To put this into context, Laura and I filled an entire show, with 265 classes with only British & Irish breeds of models. These models normally go into just a few classes at each show, so this was amazing, and don't be fooled into thinking we had loads of empty classes, our judges will testify to how strong the competition was!

Unfortunately I spent the entire day running around like a complete crazy person and therefore failed to get loads of pictures, I did manage to photograph all the champions though.

So for the pictures I did take please visit:

And here are the section and overall champions:


Champion - Winner of Outdoor Carriage Driving

Reserve Champion - Winner of Dressage

Reserve to Reserve Champion - Winner of In Hand Pony

Custom Championship

Custom Champion - Winner of British Warmblood

Custom Reserve Champion - Winner of Light Hack

Custom Reserve to Reserve Champion - Winner of Welsh D

Artist Resin

AR Champion - Winner of Eriskay Pony

AR Reserve Champion - Winner of Riding Pony

AR Reserve to Reserve Champion - Winner of Youngstock Division (the one with Hackney in)

Original Finish

Champion - Winner of Highland Pony

Reserve Champion - Winner of Riding Pony

Reserve to Reserve Champion - Winner of Fell Pony


Champion - Winner of Dartmoor

Reserve Champion - Winner of Heavy Cob

Reserve to Reserve Champion - Winner of Light Hack (I think...)


Supreme Champion - Owned by Charmain Newman, Painted by Charmain Newman, Sculpted by Kelly Sealey

Supreme Reserve Champion - Owned by Marion Randles, AA RubberNedz Dartmoor

Supreme Reserve to Reserve Champion - AA Riding Pony (not sure of owner of this one)


A better picture of the first Vintage Club release for next year has been released.

Check out 'Storm'


For those who haven't seen or need reminding, here are the rest of the ponies:

Vintage 2016