Friday, 22 July 2016

Next Collector's Club Special Run

It's all about the BF tent right now!

Check it out! Isn't he pertiful?

Collector Club Member Exclusive Vote! - 4 Gorgeous Models

OMG check these guys out!






Collector's Club Exclusive

One thing I love about BF weekend is all the sneak peaks that start to filter through.

If this is your picture and you want it removed then please just ask - credit to original poster!

Update that you can vote for your colour choice!

BF Surprise Model

I'll do more posts once more variations are up but here we go...

And it is!!! ESPRIT!

I guessed right :p



Also in matte it appears:


Another one!

Number 4:

Credit to original poster

BF Fun Week - Day 5

It's Friday everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely week.

So what have we got in store for you today?

Special Offer

Today we are offering free 2nd class UK shipping on orders over £15.00

This means the threshold has been lowered by a massive £5! Things such as Breyer Classics or custom Schleich are now on free shipping, so definitely take advantage of the offer whilst you can!

Visit: to order

Treasure Hunt

Today we want you to post a picture of a model horse outside.

It could be anywhere doing anything, the only requirement is that it is outdoors! You could go realistic or unrealistic, I don't mind :)

You can post your image under the post on Facebook here:

Or on Instagram with #chestnutridgetreasurehunt and Friday in the description

Goody Bag

To win a goody bag today head on over to our Facebook page here:

And tell us which mould this is and the name of the BF model being produced on that mould this year: