Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Corral Pals

Ever since Reeves Intl bought CollectA people have been pondering whether they would be added to the Breyer line.

There was a bit of a hint in JAH that this would be the case and it appears today we have conformation that Breyer are using some of the CollectA models as part of a new line called 'Corral Pals'.

The good news is that CollectA still exists as a separate brand, Reeves have clearly made a very savvy move in selling the items under both brands. CollectA is incredibly popular and has a huge following, Breyer can obviously trade off their existing customer base. It effectively adds to the customer base for the existing CollectA products.

You can find the horses they have chosen to add here:


It is worth noting that they are all the 1:24 scale horses and they are all the McDermott sculptures. Also the new 2017 CollectA horses are not there.

They have also added some animals:



It will be interesting to see how these are branded (will they, for example, still have the CollectA name under the belly from the mould?).

It will also be interesting to see whether these are available internationally to dealers and what the pricing and pack sizes are like.

We will of course continue to stock CollectA horses, we will be placing our 2017 range order soon. Whether we stock the Corral Pals will depend on whether they are available and whether the prices/pack sizes are better than those offered by CollectA. Obviously it makes no sense to stock the same model twice! But no reason why both ranges cannot join our every growing herd :)

Amusingly some of the items chosen are the really scary animals (they haven't gone with the possessed cat but I always find this guy a bit creepy):

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