Monday, 9 May 2016

More Breyer 2016 Horses - In the Flesh

OK first of all an apology! Genius here managed to bring over two boxes of Harpers instead of a box of Harpers and a box of Competing at the Games, so no decent camera pictures of the later! I will add in my phone picture though, the palomino is gorgeous :)

These all came in today and can be purchased at

First of all....GROUP SHOT :D

Right now onto the horses. I've only bought two for myself, Babyflo and Hickory Hills so those are the only out of box pictures at the moment. I'd like to add American Pharoah and the Stablemates as well at some point, so keep checking back.

Starting off with the in-box pictures

First up, American Pharoah


Rhapsody in Black

Hickory Hills Wall Street

Grulla Horse & Foal

Bay Horse & Foal

Grey Horse & Foal

Appaloosa Horse & Foal

Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit


Finally got the Competing at the Games Set for pictures:

Onto the out of box pics...

First up...CRS Alisa Summers aka Hickory Hills Wall Street


And next up, CRS Lashauwn Beyond aka Babyflo

Hope you enjoyed! picture of Competing at the Games