Thursday, 24 November 2016

Black Friday Sale Starts Midnight!

The Chestnut Ridge Black Friday sale is back and it is bigger and better than ever!

We have around 200 products all with massive savings to be had. There is up to 75% off some products!

Important note - the discounted price will appear once you add the item to your basket. You will be able to see the normal price and the percentage discount before you add an item to your basket.

I can confirm that at least one Breyer Traditional has 75% off!

And there's more...

We have put together some exclusive Black Friday mystery boxes. Each box is crammed full of awesome items. We have a £50.00 and £100.00 box available, each with a retail value of over twice their sale price.

But there are only 10 of each box available, so you will have to be ninja quick if you want one!

Finally I've also listed some seconds or slightly damaged items. These are all at much reduced prices and the flaws are really minor!


So get this link open on your computer and get ready to hit refresh in just...well...less than 7 hours time!