Saturday, 4 January 2020

We're Going to BreyerFest

In case you hadn't noticed BreyerFest tickets are now on sale here:

(if you're a Collector's Club member make sure to check the instructions and enter the code so you get your discount)!

And of course, the moment they went on sale what did I go and do? Why buy BreyerFest tickets of course! I mean I haven't booked the flights yet but priorities priorities...

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I wanted to do a workshop and having read the information for each one I eventually settled for the Dynamic Manes and Tails workshop. Brendon seems to like the sculpting things and I am useless at it so I thought it would be both fun and useful!

So now I have hotels and tickets (although I suspect I'll need more tickets you know for important things...), I should probably book my flights (if student finance could like pay me some money so I can waste it on plane tickets that would be awesome) and then the car hire. Then just a few other things to pay for and I can start saving my pennies! I suspect I'm going to need a LOT of pennies, and that isn't even thinking about the week in Nashville after BF!

Who else is going and who else is mega excited? I can't wait to meet everyone, this is literally the whole focus of my life right now!