Saturday, 9 February 2013

My Latest Photoshow Set Up

Today I had to do a photo for the front page of February's magazine. The theme of the magazine is 'Pony Club' so I wanted a nice riding lesson scene.

The set up is very simple, the backdrop is just a generic one that I own. The base is a piece of chip board. To make it look more realistic all I did was add some green scatter and then a fence where it ends. Then added a bit of lichen to make some little bushes and some tiny bits of cork and light brown scatter on the cork board.

So here is the set up:

This is the first picture I snapped with it:

Today's custom also looks gorgeous on it!

New Airbrush & Compressor

Well last weekend me and my airbrush fell out...big the result that I had to purchase a new airbrush and compressor...

Well I tried it out today and I am in love, it's been a while since I've used a dual action and I forgot how much it hurts your hands if you use it for too long! But I have created a little Schleich custom. She hasn't been properly photographed as finished yet (although she is finished) but here is a quick shot of her in progress: