Thursday, 22 August 2019

This Custom is #Lit

Honestly I need to stop making that pun but I won't because it is funny and I am SO in love with this pigment it is amazing.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to order some of Stuart Semple's 'Lit' pigment, because who doesn't want a glow in the dark model horse?

I've been pondering what to do with it for a while but then suddenly on Monday I had inspiration and 'The Climb' was born.

First of all a look at the pigment, it glows like nothing I've ever seen:

Image may contain: one or more people and ring

I mean if it looks like that on my hand what will it look like on a model horse?

Stuart Semple also produces a base medium which is what I used to apply it, I'm not 100% happy with how this turned out as it was a little too think and clumpy for the kind of find detail you want on a model horse. But plenty of time to experiment in future.

I also experimented with adding the pigment dry, I didn't think it had actually done anything until I took a night shot of the model glowing and realised it was all over its face and neck!

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So I gave it a bit of a dust off before finishing the model and sealing. I love this shot here because it shows just how much the pigment itself actually glows:

No photo description available.

So what about the model? Well I decided to start with a silver base. First I added non-mixed colour shift paint (from Green Stuff World) to give it a pearly finish on top of the white primer. This is a technique I use a lot if I want a unicorn to look pearly, although I need to order more as I'm really the point where the pigment is mixing in and I'm getting a hint of the colour coming through each time I do it!

I then used Citadel silver airbrushed on for the silver coat, simply adding more or less to give a bit of shading.

Now came the fun part! I mixed the pigment with the base and added it to the tail, mane, face and the end of the horn for that bit of glow! I then checked what it looked like at night.

I finished the coat colour with lots of tiny white dots, almost like stars. No idea why I just wanted tiny white dots!

I then added the yellow detail, I did a tattoo tree up one leg (which is becoming a bit of a trade mark of mine) and then added some streaks in the mane and tail. This blocks the pigment so in the dark it looks a little more detailed.

Finally I did the eye in silver and yellow and finished the hooves off with dark silver.

And doesn't she look cool in the dark? This was taken in the airing cupboard with curtains and door closed to bedroom to try and give as much darkness as possible!

This was taken in light box with just the room light on, still a glow!

And this is in light box with no room light on (window is blocked by curtains)

Isn't she awesome! I can't wait to play around with this pigment more, I need to experiment with different bases to get the desire effect I want and the smoothness needed for model horses.

If you want to rehome her then she is for sale at £25.00: