Thursday, 19 May 2016

Vintage Club Blind Bags

As I didn't get Vintage Club membership last year I'm really interested in these!

So definitely going to enter.

And is providing a nice distraction from my "I know I'll combine my stock insurance with my public liability insurance" idea which is driving me nuts. Never want to speak to another insurance sales person EVER AGAIN.

Anyway available on the Breyer website if you are a Vintage club member :)

 Vintage Club Blind Bags!

Five New Customs

I hate finishing several models at the same time, I like things to be spaced.

But anyway it sort of worked out that, haven't painted anything in weeks, finish five horses on the same day!

They are all sale pieces, some have already sold. But you can find the rest of them for sale at

So here we go, just one picture of each I think.

Blue Christmas

Bay incomplete tobiano Breyer Mini Whinnie Standing Thoroughbred.

Boat Song

Bay Classic Duchess, she also has a nice leather headcollar that you may remember me making rather a while back!

Bob Marley (sold)

Bay rabicano Breyer Mini Whinnie standing American Quarter Horse.

And now onto the non-bay ones...

Body Groove

Black pinto Breyer Mini Whinnie draft foal (was originally meant to be bay but I messed up so she ended up black)!

Body II Body (sold)

Sooty buckskin Breyer G2 Warmblood.

So there we have it, after weeks of nothing, five finished off in one day! I've already chosen the next batch (need to get this rider finished as well). All pintos, apparently I'm going through a pinto phase. I don't even like doing pintos that much!