Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Two New Customs

I finished these guys off last week whilst I was at home but didn't have time to gloss them so brought both horses and gloss back to my mum's house!

Today I finally got around to glossing them and photographing them. I don't have a light tent or anything here so I have to make do with a white photo background wrapped around a bit of a Billy Bookcase and then propped in front of an open door (whilst also attempting to make sure Caesar doesn't make a break for freedom).

Change the World

Change the World is a Breyer Stablemate G2 Rearing Arabian.

This model has been painted to a liver chestnut with minimal sabino markings. He has heavy whites on four legs and a white blaze. He was based on a photo of a hackney pony and I'm really happy with how the colour came out. It really suits this mould.

He would make a lovely little Arabian for showing, he's a little bit different and the heavy white really suits this particular rearing model.

If you would like him he is for sale on our website priced at £25.00. You can buy him here: https://www.ukmodelhorses.com/store/p169/Change_The_World.html#/


Another chestnut and again a dark rich colour rather than the usual bright almost orange ones I like to produce :p

Changes is a Breyer Stablemate G3 Peruvian Paso. He has subtle dappling on his barrel done in pastels. He was painted in airbrushed acrylics with pastels on his mane and tail to add more depth to his colour.

He has a fine white stripe and a white sock on one rear hoof. He is a really lovely and unique looking model on a very popular mould.

He is priced at £25.00 - if you would like to give him a home please just drop me an email and I'll arrange payment. Postage will be £2.95 for 2nd class UK but we also offer faster and tracked options as well as international shipping.

If you want to learn more about customising model horses or follow a few tutorials so you can create your very own custom models then take a look at our website www.ukmodelhorses.com