Friday, 20 May 2016


It's amazing how you can go from insanely happy to heartbroken in a matter of seconds.

I've been waiting all week for Charlie to arrive, desperate for her to be here in time for my live show tomorrow.

And then I get an email from mum saying I have a customs fee, so I run down to the PO and yep, Breyer box!

Open it up and oooo CHARLIE :D

I immediately start to unwrap, get her out of her bubble wrap, take off the head wrapping and....

Yep. No forelock. It had broken off in transit.

Absolutely heartbroken, hardly the new show horse I was expecting.

I've contacted Breyer and asked for her to be replaced.

I glued the forelock back on, its pretty clean so you can't really tell, although I'm guessing the judge will read this and therefore that won't help my situation but I'm still going to pop her in the ring tomorrow anyway, apart from that break she is pretty much flawless, so upsetting!

No name, because well, she's broken! So just Charlie for now.

But you can see how pretty her colour is