Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Most of the tack I have been making recently is boring commission based stuff...just a lot of bridles and breastplates and boots. None of it particularly interesting...

However a while back I had a go at making some fancy browbands (I was bored). They actually weren't that hard to do and my final one turned out OK. They are very simple to make, you just get some black leather and fold a loop at either end and glue to make the base. Then you get two pieces of ribbon, knot them at one end so they stay together and then just wrap them around the browband and knot at the other end.

Here are some early attempts:

And this was probably my best attempt of the lot:

Custom Work Update

As I haven't blogged in a long time I thought a quick update post was in order to let you guys know how everything is coming along and what I've been working on recently. So here are a select few of my recent customs for you to eye up :)

First up :)

This is a gorgeous decorator custom on the classic frolicking foal mold (think it is technically something like the AQH foal mold but hey ho). I very rarely do decorator customs to sell, normally any I do are for my own personal enjoyment so this is something very special. She is basically a hot pink base with dark purple shading and then detailing added. She has white dabbed on with a sponge on top of which I hand painted hearts that grow up into a tree of life. She has sorta tribal squiggles all over her body and her hooves and eyes have been painted with purple sparkly paint:


This is a recent commission piece. She sent me a picture off Google of a silver grulla highland pony and asked me to create it on a G3 Athletic Pony mold. I bought one in and completed this piece, she is very happy with it and after showing it at this Saturdays live it will be sent to live with her:


For this one I just have to share it with you simply because of the description the commissioner gave me. This is what I was told to create:

This is the model i would like he is €5.18+ postage :http://www.utterlyhorses.com/schleich-sergei-the-akhal-teke-stallion/

I would like his body to be thishttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y156/midnightspike/552775_444344078927524_146266528735282_1557676_1385001035_n.jpg

His face to be this color:http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y156/midnightspike/BrenHeadshot.jpg

and his white marking be one heart star and one big off center teardrop shaped snip:http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y156/midnightspike/katee_0211b.jpg

I would like his eyes to be amber like this:http://www.morgancolors.com/coachmanssimplistikeye.jpg

and lastly if you could draw on a mustache. i know it sounds silly and i appreciate your patience with this order 

For the first horse i ordered (and no im not trying to make him look as ridiculous as possible) could you give him to back socks that are roaned. i have seen a horse like this in real life but i don't know what the markings are called.

So yes I bet you are wondering how this horse turned out now you have read all that...well it was interesting to say the least. I played around with it and actually the finished horse doesn't look too bad:

Fourth pony...

Actually not a pony tis a donkey. Meet CRS Sammy Boy, my fiancee bought me this little resin last December, now he has been added to my collection of large SM scale lying down foals. He is a lovely little brown:

The fifth horse is another commission piece. The description for this one was buckskin minimal tobiano. The new owner is very happy and so am I, he is a gorgeous looking horse. For those who don't know the mold is the CollectA Hanovarian:

Finally a little piece that may not look like anything much but to her new owner is something very special. My best friend recently turned 18 and this was my gift to her. It is a portrait of her Welsh pony Champagne who she has owned nearly all her life. I wanted to give her a little mini Champagne so that when she goes on work experience to France she can take her with her:

So there we go, some of my latest pieces. I really hope you like them and enjoyed seeing all of them. Please get in touch if you want to purchase a completed custom or place a custom order :)

Forget Me Not Live Show

Forget Me Not Live show is coming up fast with only a few days to go. It is this Saturday and it is turning out to be a great show already. My major stresses at the moment are attempting to get everything ready and set for the show so that there are no hick ups's.

Judging lists are probably the hardest thing to get sorted, they are not helped by people who don't give you information about what classes they can judge leaving you to basically have to guess. I always send the completed lists out several days in advance so I have the chance to edit them as much as possible before the day.

Other things that are causing stresses are the fact that a set of rosettes for the lunchtime fun classes have not yet turned up!

My hall has been pretty much taken over by live show stuff...there are my own boxes of horses, raffle prizes, food, certificates and prizes, entry packs, all my own live show bits and bobs and lots of random stuff such as the lucky dip, paint a pony table items and raffle books and plastic cups. Basically there is just organised chaos....

To finish here is a little picture of said organised chaos which I took yesterday...the amount of stuff has since grown more...