Wednesday, 19 September 2018

How To Choose Your Next Model Horse?

It's the problem we all have, we totes need a new model horse but which one to get? There are so many? How do we decide which of the thousands of pretty ponies out there we will be adding to our herd next?

Well do not fret! I am here to offer you great and wise guidance (and totally not enabling at all) on how to choose the next pony for your collection.


One of the best ways to organise what you are going to buy is to write lists. You can add these with savings (this is what I used to do as a teenager) and it is absolutely perfect if you are a bit of a spreadsheet or journalling nut!

Write a list of all the model horses you want to purchase (or need to purchase, you know those two words basically mean the same thing). You could add an approximate amount and even do little squares to colour in as you save up.

You could randomise the list as well to make it a bit more...well...random! If you are looking at inspiration check out eBay listings (particularly on, current dealer websites, cataloguing websites like Identify Your Breyer and social media sites to see what should be on your must buy list!

Pandora is an example of a list purchase - back when I first started in the hobby I wrote long lists of everything I was going to buy.

The Impulse Buy

This is often the reason the models on our wish lists never get purchased, it is because we are impulse buying too many model horses! 

Hit the sales pages and eBay and start to scroll through, you never know what you'll find! See something that takes your fancy and buy it.

Just a word of warning - don't use this method too often. Your bank account will hate you (and what I mean by that is yes totally buy that pony).

Fiori (like many of my RubberNedz) was very much an impulse purchase. I should probably impulse purchase less expensive things...

Random is Fun

This is quite a fun way to choose a new model, you can end up with something you would never have normally chosen.

This is a good method to use for buying lower value regular run models like Breyer and Schleich. You know when you just need a bit of pony happiness but don't really want anything in particular? I like it because it adds lots of variety to my collection. It is also useful if you have something like a voucher to spend.

When I purchase things such as the Breyer Premier Club models I always buy another model to come with them, these are usually chosen at random like Toyland here.

Get Someone Else to Choose

OK so you better trust your friends but this can be quite fun! Give someone a budget and tell them to go find you the perfect model horse under it and then buy it! 

Obviously this requires some trust and I don't really recommend it for higher budget purchases but I think it is worth doing at least once. You never know what they'll choose and you could end up with something that is not only really random but also a memento of your friendship.

Smexy wasn't actually chosen by me! I got my mother to choose his colour, she said he should be spotty and spotty he was. Clearly she made a very good choice.

Buy The Model You've Wanted For Years

You know that regular run Breyer you wanted but never purchased? That model you've seen up for sale so many times but never quite got around to buying? Maybe you've had your eye on something in the show ring.

One of the problems with running a dealership is you never end up buying the models you like! I'd been after a Rainbow Unicorn Mare for a while but never got one for myself. So when I found one in the Toys R' Us closing down sale I just had to have her!

Well now is the time to buy it! Quite often we can buy the new shiny thing and never get around (or have the money for) that model we've been after for a long time. Don't put it off. Make the purchase, you'll feel so much better and you'll get something you really love.