Monday, 29 May 2017

10 Model Horse Half Term Projects

If (like me, loving this school holiday work schedule) you are on half term right now you will suddenly find yourself with lots of spare time (unless you have exams of course, in which case why are you reading this? You should be revising! Go make a cup of tea and get back to work, YOU CAN DO IT YOUNG POTATO).

OK inspirational exam talk over. Let's have a look at some fun projects to keep you occupied over the holidays :)

1. Cataloging

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It needs doing! Stop putting it off! Get that collection catalogued. If you want to learn how to put together your own spreadsheet check out this tutorial here:

2. Create a FB Page/Website for your Models

What could be more fun than your own website/blog/facebook page devoted to your model horses! Maybe you will do one for your custom studio or your stud or maybe just a fun place to share images of your models. If you do create one let me know and I'll share it with the followers :D

3. Write up Your Show Results

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I know you've been putting it off. Get them typed up!

4. Create a Photo Story

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You don't really see many of these any more. Create your own photo story about your horses. If you want to send it to us or give us a link we'll share it on this Blog.

5. Enter a Photoshow

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There are loads of photoshows going on all of the time. Go outside, get some nice pictures and enter a photoshow.

You can find details about our current show here:

And Popular Votes Photoshows here:

6. Do Some Dusting

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Is it raining? Probably if you live in the UK. Go and dust those horses!

7. Create a New Performance Set Up

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Get creative! Create a funny scene, or something usual. Maybe you could even make a really fun themed jump? Create something new ready for the Summer show series.

8. Follow a Tutorial

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All you have to do is google 'model horse tutorial' and a whole world opens up to you. Maybe you'd like to use a Chestnut Ridge one? Or someone elses? Entirely up to you, follow a tutorial and learn a new skill.

9. Have a Clear Out

Dig into that body boxes, or those boxes and boxes of tack and have a bit of a clear out. Maybe you could put some items to one side to donate to a raffle at your next show? Or sell off some unwanted projects to raise some money for a new horse!

10. Enter a Competition

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Find a new model horse competition to enter. You could enter our current one here: