Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Open for Offers - Vintage Club Charlie

Eowyn needs an ultra sound and x-rays. So I need a few spare pennies! So I'm taking offers on this girl until 9pm GMT tonight.

Payment by tomorrow at the latest. Postage is £2.85 2nd class UK (other options available).

She is the Traditional Scale Breyer Vintage Club Charlie. She had a broken forelock when I received her which has been glued back on.

I had kept her for customising or performance but I need the money. The break line could probably be touched up or repaired. It can't be seen in normal pictures so she is fine for photoshowing. She is tack friendly and a lovely model :)

Has a few other factory flaws as you can see in the pictures.

Email or message me on Facebook or comment on the post if you would like to make an offer.

The current offer is £76

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Gold Valegro

The Breyer Fall release - gold Valegro is now available to pre-order at Chestnut Ridge.

He is priced at £49.99 and should ship December. We highly recommend opting for a faster delivery method if you want him in time for Christmas!

You can pre-order him here:

Quantities are really limited so I'd highly recommend pre-ordering to avoid disappointment :)

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Midstates Release

Completely forgot to share this one!

I'm not 100% sure about the colour, will be nice to see what he looks like in person

Friday, 26 August 2016

Breyer Fall Releases

Check out the Fall releases!

Gold Valegro (I showed this to Brendon and he recoiled...)

Glorioso - The New Brick N' Morter SR

New Classic Stable

Xavier - UNICORN!

Anniversary Horses

I may not have received a card but I persuaded that I could at least have a wedding anniversary present :p

I completely forgot to photograph them last week before their first show. But here they are. I got a CollectA gift set and two Schleich.

First up is CRS Flight Silver (Archie)

CRS There Yago (Yago)

CRS Star Ranger (Ranger)

CRS Lardmouth (Lardeo)

CRS Catch Me Now (Rascal)

CRS Snow Stallion (Paladen)

CRS Kleeblatt (Shamrock)

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Chasing the Chesapeake

This is the Breyer Collector's Club event in the USA (login to your account for your chance to get tickets).

Here is a copy and paste of the itinerary

Friday, October 14

• Tour of Vintage Farm @ the Fair Hill Training Center, Elkton, MD

            • Tour the farm where champions like Union Rags got their start and meet Olympian, show jumping Hall of Famer, and esteemed trainer Michael Matz.

• Fair Hill International Cross Country Course Walk, Elkton, MD

           • Get a behind the scenes look at how riders prepare for competition day as you accompany them on a course walk.

• Dinner in the Fair Hill International VIP tent

Saturday, October 15

• The Dutta Corp Fair Hill International 3-Day Event, Elkton, MD

         • A day out at the cross country portion of the 3-Day competition and watch the riders compete the course you got to walk first hand!
         • In true cross country style, lunch will be served at our very own tailgate tent.

• Dinner and Halloween Costume Contest at host hotel, Wilmington, DE

         • Bring your favorite costume for an early Halloween bash!
Sunday, October 16

• Breyer Boutique - Exclusive Special Run Models featuring 2016 "Chasing the Chesapeake" Celebration Model, Chesapeake.

Here is the special run:


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mid-Year Releases

I've been a bad blogger recently and haven't really updated you on stuff (this basically sums up my life right now).

Anyway the mid-year releases came in a few weeks back and I obviously had to get a couple for myself (OBVIOUSLY).

All of these guys are available at Chestnut Ridge although we've only got a few Brunellos left so be quick if you want to grab him!

So here are my new ones:

First up is CRS Swiftbolt (Brunello)

Just look at that face!

I just adore the plaits on this mould

Second is CRS Nobel Step (Shawn)

He is the loose or long main variation of the Best of British Connemara. I just adore him! A proper little pony.

Third is CRS Malikhi (Svali Fra Tjorn)

I wasn't planning on getting this guy originally but when I saw the colour I just had to!

And finally is CRS Icefall (Ice)

He is the NRHA Anniversary horse, he is my first horse on this mould and I just love it!

Here they are all together, so cute!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Perfect Purple Plastic CTF Live

Perfect Purple was the final show in the Colours of the Rainbow Lives series.

This show was for plastic CTF models such as Schleich and CollectA and had six sections all of which were full to the brim with gorgeous horses!

I think this show was quite special as everyone was on an equal footing, no expensive models at this show! It was a great day and it was wonderful to see so much variety.

It was also great to see some new faces and I hope you have all caught the live showing bug! It would be great to see you all again next year.

You can view the full set of pictures here:

But as always here are some selected highlights :D

The mini whinnie section didn't take up much table space...

There were several of the new CollectA on show, this is my own Grevy's Zebra

Mini Whinnie Championship


Reserve Champion:

Reserve to Reserve Champion:

Setting up one of the Schleich classes:

CollectA Championship


Reserve Champion:

Reserve to Reserve Champion - CRS Chad Michael Murrey

Schleich Championship


Reserve Champion:

Reserve to Reserve Champion:

There were some rather unusual horses on show!

Other Plastic CTF Championship


Reserve Champion:

Reserve to Reserve Champion:

Mojo, Papo, Safari & Bullyland Championship


Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

This donkey is so cute!

Haired CTF Championship

Champion - CRS Old Major

Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

Supreme Championship

Supreme Champion

Reserve Supreme Champion

Reserve to Reserve Supreme Champion - CRS Old Major

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! If you like the look of these shows then check out tickets for next year's shows here: