Sunday, 22 February 2015

It's News Time

Well hello all. I promised exciting news today and here it is.

This is something that I'm really excited about and hopefully you guys will be too. In fact it's been made a little bit more exciting as we have extra news *yay*.

Soooo the news before I blab on about life the Universe and everything for a bit...

Chestnut Ridge is now an official Breyer stockist!

This is something we have wanted to do for a while and now seems like the right time to do it. We've had a good talk with Breyer's UK distributor, placed our first order and talked about getting some of the models that aren't currently in their catalogue into the UK (this is predominantly Picasso, Jubilation (the Mule), the SM Mystery Foal sets & the Autism awareness horse, but if there is anything else you want please just ask).

So we have placed a relatively small order for now but as I said we are going to ask for the horses above and once we have sold some we can invest in more. Every order we place we'll add more variety. We are working on a high variety low stock basis, so if there is anything you want please just get in touch.

So what have I chosen?

Well this is what I ordered today, they should hopefully be with us in time for Raising Zambia on Saturday!

SM Best of British Set
Best of British Connemara
Best of British Welsh
Best of British Shetland
Polo Pony
Poly Pony Tack & Rider
SM Singles
Mini Whinnie Surprise Models
SM Horse Lovers Shadow Box
Classic Horse of the Year - Liam
Classic A Champion is Born
Deer Family

It's only a small selection but includes some really nice models, I've seen them all in the flesh and I've chosen sets that I really like and I hope hobbyists will like as well.

What's great is we can deliver to any show that I attend and as a hobbyist I know what you guys want, so really hoping you will be happy with what we offer. By 2016 we hope to stock the entire range.

Today I also got the chance to see the Copperfox models in the flesh (gorgeous) as well as see the Breyer Christmas Horse in the flesh! So all in all a great day, I also got to look at glitter quarter marks for real horses.....definitely think I should stock those!

So what's the other exciting news?

Well we also now stock Beswick models! This wasn't planned but I saw, I liked what I saw and I placed an order. They have some beautiful new models and having seen them in the flesh I can tell you they will definitely be worth having. A bit more pricey than the Breyer's but still gorgeous!

Anyway I'll leave you with some pictures of the new Breyer Best of British range, taken today (on my phone...)