Monday, 20 January 2014


This is the 2014 Breyer Collectors Club Exclusive (he is $70 for collectors club members with a $20 deposit)


I love him. He is really beautiful. I don't really like the mold but this colour is gorgeous.

The Plan for Next Weekend

So last weekend I got a load of models all prepped up:

I spy some new Schleichs :D

Anyway I have chosen 20 models to paint and here are some of the reference pictures I have chosen. I wanted to do some 'interesting' colours instead of just doing the same thing all the time.

None of these pictures of mine, all are stolen, I am a bad person.

This one has been started, it is a Giselle

This marking is going on a little Schleich foal:

I thought this roan was rather nice:


And more SPOTS :D

Well this is just too cute

Love the white markings on this guy:

A beautiful appy:

A brindle foal (I've never done a brindle before):

And finally another cute foal:

So there, some of the pictures I have chosen. Finished horses coming soon!

And to the owners of these pictures, I'm sorry I'm a horrible human being.