Friday, 8 April 2016


Check out the latest BreyerFest special run.

A gorgeous pinto on the Wyatt mould

bozeman Right
bozeman left

Halter Making

OK first up before my massive achievement of the day we have a very nice colourful rainbow halter (such fun).

Definitely should have trimmed that purple strap more...

Anyway that was nice and colourful.

But check out my achievement! After years of trying I finally mastered the art (well OK so I actually completed one...mastered probably isn't the right word) of making a nylon rope halter.

I cut too little cord on the first one but still looks reasonably OK

Cut more cord for the second!

I only had this annoying waxed cord (I swear I had normal cord somewhere) so I've ordered some normal cord so I can make more (by normal I mean I discovered I could buy hemp cord and ordered that because normal would just be too boring for me)!

Also found some multi coloured cords, definitely going to give those a go at some point!

Two New Customs

My current batch is nearly done, just two left to do.

First up is this snowcap appaloosa that I've been working on for months!

The flash image above shows off his shading a bit better than without flash.

Named 'The Bishop' he is available to buy now:

He's definitely unusual, but took soooo long. I don't like doing larger horses at the best of times so why I decided doing one that would require a million layers of white paint I don't know.

Second up is a little resin Clydesdale foal.

At large stablemate scale she is far more in my size range!

She's very cute but I already have a Churchill resin painted to a bay sabino Clydesdale so I decided it would be best not to upset Cody and sell her

She is £40.00 and like Bishop you can buy her at Chestnut Ridge:

Obviously with these two done it means it is time to choose two more colours and horses!

For the first we are going for yellow dun, I've gone with a Schleich Dartmoor mare for that one.

For the second we are going with yellow roan foal. For that I've gone with the Schleich knabstrupper foal (the newer one).

So we'll see how those get on!