Thursday, 22 June 2017

Model of the Day - Ginger

Our model of the day today is the very delicate Ginger Spice.

Image may contain: horse

Name: Ginger
Show Name: CRS Ginger Spice
Breed: Miniature
Colour: Chestnut Snowcap Spotted
Gender: Mare
Brand: Schleich
Model Number: 13688
Model Name: Falabella Mare
Mould: Falabella Mare
Scale: Paddock Pal
Year Produced: 2011-Present
Finish: Matte
Face Markings: None
Leg Markings: 4x White Socks
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 738
Best Live Show Placing: Small Section Champion


The third release in this year's Vintage club is now available to order.

Ali is a gambler's choice on the FAM mould and is available in four different colours.


I'm not a massive fan of any of these colours but I do think the gold charm looks quite nice.

A Week in the Life of Chestnut Ridge - Day 3

Today hasn't started well! My phone turned itself off during the night so my alarm didn't go off!

6.50 - Alarm Doesn't Go Off

I wake up, hear traffic outside and think "that's not good" *check watch* WTF PHONE?!?!?

7.12-7.35 - Walk Brandy

Just a short walk and a paddle this morning as she is going to spend most of the day running around at mums anyway and we are running late!

7.35-7.45 - Feed Animals

Guinea pigs had thrown their water bottle across the room. Because why not? It was Phantom. I know it was Phantom. It's always Phantom.

7.45-7.47 - Paying Bills

I need to make sure to pay for today's riding lesson! It's not cheap, I've had to fully stop my therapy and basically not eat to afford these lessons each week.

7.47-08.05 - Exercises

It's so hard to get back off the floor once I finish the last one. Also when you lie down you can see all the RubberNedz toesies :p

8.05-08.24 - Emails & Bills

O look more bills to pay! Just renewed our web domain for the next 10 years, I'll be 36 when that next needs doing again and I'd rather not think about that.

Book keeping and emails also all done.

8.24-8.40 - Social Media

Because I have a riding lesson Wednesday morning I spend most of the time attempting to cram as much in as possible!

Starting off I do the Daily Deal and then I do the Model of the Day and finally a 'new' style of social media post. I have a spreadsheet full of ideas and every Wednesday I try a new idea. I keep detailed data of responses so I know what posts work and what don't. Also important to keep data as to the time that they work.

8.40-8.49 - Customer Orders

First off contacting one customer about shipping for their item (do they want to wait until it is less hot!)

Second is prep work on a resin that has been sent for painting. It's quite cool in my study as I've kept the window open and door closed so OK to prime at the moment.

8.49-8.57 - Clearing Out Products

Every week I go through and delete products that won't be restocked. This is mainly customs and second hand models but could also be discontinued items that have sold out, or items that we ordered in specially and won't be ordering again.

Although we now hide out of stock products doing this weekly keeps everything look and feel more clean from the backend point of view. When we showed out of stock products it also kept the website looking cleaner for the customer.

8.57-9.07 - Getting Changed & Breakfast

I pull on my jodhpurs and grab a couple of bites of yogurt before I go, as well as some water as I know how hot it is.

Won't forget my purse today so I can get some fuel!

9.07-11.38 - Riding

I collect the horses for postage on the way and leave the dog at my mums house for the day. I have an hour long private lesson every Wednesday morning, I worked out I need to sell at least 3 customs a week to fund this!

On the way I pick up the horses I need for postage and leave Brandy to have a fun day of lying in the sun and refusing to be sensible and go into the nice cold house. It's currently so warm I'm tempted to just move into my mums hall which is disturbingly cool!

11.38-11.45 - Orders

Working on some prep work again now I'm home before I start packing parcels.

11.47 - 12.34 - Packing Parcels

You are probably getting into the routine of my life by now! But yep parcel packing time *yay*. I made sure to give the plush ponies a little cuddle before I packed them up. They are just too cute :D

12.34-13.00 - Posting Parcels

I forgot to buy envelopes again. That's the fourth day in a row!

13.00-13.05 - More Prepping

I want to get this guy primed by the end of the day so working on him throughout the day.

13.05-13.27 - Cleaning out Guinea Pigs

Victor has eaten an entire bowl of food since this morning. I swear this guinea pig has bulimia or something!

13.27-13.34 - Blog Post

Quick blog post with two of the new tack items I completed recently. No new Auction model has been announced yet but that means we could have two in tomorrow's post :D

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13.34-13.48 - Goody Bags

Ordering items for the goody bags for our next live show which is a week Saturday. The theme is 'hearts' so I found heart shaped bracelets and pink bags and little heart pencils. So cute :D

13.48-14.15 - Magazine

I manage to get a few articles written before I head off to work. Each magazine is 36 pages, so far we have 6...

14.15-17.30 - Work

A long afternoon at work, it isn't that far but rush hour traffic means it took a while to get home. Arrived home to find a house full of Sky men!

17.30-00.05 - Date Night

In search of air con we head out for a cheeky Nandos and to the Cinema afterwards.

More exciting was a trip to an air conditioned Asda where we found....UNICORN CUTLERY! Yep I finally found some :D

00.05-00.30 - Watering Plants & Feeding Pets

Watering plants in the dark really is just asking to get yourself attached to a rose plant several times.