Sunday, 3 February 2019

Five Inspirational Circus Costumes

Grab your sequins, slip into the spandex and fluff your feathers I've got give stunning and inspirational circus costume to show you.

First up this gorgeous Circus RubberNedz Tagus with red feathers!

Secondly this really cool colourful Pride inspired circus costume:

Thirdly we have this really cute little pony with red feathers, doll and cheerleader outfit? Well why not!

Taken at Blazing Saddles Live.

Fourth this one isn't 100% a circus costume but I mean it's (a) pink (b) has sparkles and (c) has a unicorn horn. So it totally needs including!

Taken at Didmarton Performance and Workmanship Live 2017

And finally we have yet more pink! Check out this awesome sparkly pink circus costume complete with ballet dancer on top.

Seen here at Didmarton Performance and Workmanship Live both in 2017 (first pic) and 2016 (second pic)

O and if you are feeling a little bit inadequate I thought I would include an extra bonus image in the form of this guy:

Taken at Pretty in Pink Performance Live 2015

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