Friday, 7 July 2017

More BF Auction Pieces

There are several more to share with you :)

First up is the Indian Pony

12 days left

I love that purple sheen!

Secondly is 'Rana' as an Auction piece

11 Days Left

Next up is a lovely colour on the Giselle mould

10 Days Left

And now. It is time. FOR A BOBBY JO!!!!

8 Days Left!

I'm not actually a massive fan of the colour but I certainly wouldn't turn her down! (I prefer last years...the bay pinto...or maybe it was the year before I'm not sure but it was lush)

And finally a really pretty Gem Twist, love the colour on this one

7 Days Left

Peruvian Paso Test Run

I'm a bit late on this one! Sorry! Can we maybe forget this week happened?

Anyway this test run is open for club members to enter for

I love this mould but this guy is a bit 'meh' for me, doesn't really strike me