Monday, 17 August 2015

POWIE Live Show 2015

Well it was an unusual day yesterday! I'm not sure I ever expected to be explaining vajazzles at a live show nor be not to sure about whether I actually was proud to win a rosette...

But Laura, Vicki and Melody (and Melody's mum) did a great job, thank you so much guys :D

Full pictures of 'The Pony Way Is Essex Live' can be found here:

And here are some selected highlights...

First up I would like to make it very clear that I was forced to enter the POWIE class....

Dressage entry

And another one

CCR Heavy class

Brandy was in an 'Essex' mood...

I am not happy with the rosette....I'm embarrassed by it....this is not an achievement....

Beautiful Western entry

Performance Champion

Performance Reserve Champion

Donna of Animal Artistry did some incredible prizes! This was the raffle prize:

And this was one of the AA championship prizes

The show in full swing!

Commercial Resin/China Champion

Commercial Resin/China Reserve Champion

Workmanship roan class

Squishy roan ISH

Another shot of Donna's sparklies!

Gorgeous Deb Brown custom

Workmanship Champion

Workmanship Reserve Champion

I love AA dragon horses

Another nice Deb Brown custom

Animal Artistry Champion

Animal Artistry Reserve Champion - CRS Ana Bahebak (owned by myself)

Animal Artistry Reserve to Reserve Champion

I GOT A SPARKLY HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grey gorgeousness

And appaloosa gorgeousness

Yay for Breyer Zebra!

More grey gorgeousness

And spotty gorgeousness

Some Stone Weanlings


I do love this model

One of the new Best of British Irish Draughts

Little squishy palomino pinto

And a larger squishy pinto custom

Looks a little self conscious at my photography!

How dare you stick your tongue out at the judge?!?!?!

AR partbred class

Beautiful face

A couple of nice Gretle customs

I do love this CollectA

Artist Resin Champion

Artist Resin Reserve Champion

Custom Champion

Custom Reserve Champion

CTF Champion

CTF Reserve Champion

Supreme Champion

Supreme Reserve Champion

Supreme Reserve to Reserve Champion