Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Website Updates

Those who follow the Chestnut Ridge Facebook page will know that we are currently working on our exciting new website!

They will also know that this has been a long process (started last Summer).

The site has been built from scratch by myself and Brendon using a very basic template. It has been time consuming and hard work but we are finally getting there.

But there is still quite a lot to do and I know people are really eager to see it, so I thought I'd share my 'todo list' with you to give you an idea of where we are at.

The aim currently is thus:

Beta site - put up on the 18th of January, members of the British Model Horse Collectors group on Facebook will be able to use it and order through it (including ordering new 2016 products).

Full website launch - 1st February 2016 (or slightly earlier). On this date we will move the domain name and permanently move to our new site :D

But there is still a LOT of work to do...so here is the list of things we still have left to do!

  1. New products - still loads of new products to add!
  2. Delivery costs - quite important that this gets set up..
  3. Problems with HTML coding, particular odd graphical things like the centre image not being centered and some text and boxes note quite looking right
  4. Featured item box - needs creating
  5. Featured items on front page - products needed on front page!
  6. Transfer customer accounts - apparently far too difficult
  7. Set up mailing list - apparently very easy but I need to actually do it
  8. Add 'subscribe to our mailing list box'
  9. Checkout pages - for some reason all in grey...
  10. Payment options - need updating so people can actually pay!
  11. Proof reading - every single page has to be proof read (urgh)
  12. Check links - when the domain name moves there will probably be quite a few dead links so this needs doing
  13. Category descriptions and images - really should do this
  14. Checking general options and settings
  15. Checking mobile site
Probably doesn't seem like much but some of this stuff is taking far longer than it really should. Because nothing is never really easy!

But in the mean time, here is the last screen shot we took:

See what I mean about odd coding being off, that View Cart button is driving me crazy!