Saturday, 10 August 2013

Meet Some Models

My records are so lacking in pictures it is driving me nuts! So I have decided that every week I shall photograph at least 5 models to update my records.

I thought it would be nice if every week you got to meet the five I have photographed. So here are this weeks five!

1. CRS Rehabilitation aka Milo

2. CRS Tailor to You aka Harvey

3. CRS Spanish Dreams aka Noche Beuna

4. CRS Ideas Are Flowing aka Pippin

5. CRS Walled Town aka Strikey

BMECS 2013 Entries

So entries are open and I've just got mine takes ages!

It has probably taken me around 4 hours to do.

But in total I have...wait for it....239 entries!

I am actually going to go insane this year, and I think I went slightly insane this year.

Wasn't expecting so many I thought I had less than last year and I had 118 then...I have over 200 more!

So not sure what this says about the live show project, although a lot of tickets were from last year...