Friday, 11 July 2014

Nylon Stable Guard

I have quite a few ponies in stables so I thought I would have a go at making a nylon stable guard so that they could see over the door.

It is just made from 3mm elastic with some D-rings and hooks on the ends. I added some white fabric as well. I attached some jump rings to the inside of the stable door so that I could hook it up. I'm gonna do a tutorial on how to make one when I do my next one.

This one is for Mist's stall.

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Stable Yard is Getting There

I have done one stable so far, it's looking great :D It is the largest of the stables and is home to Mocha, Hattie and Mist. Jetsam and Emma are also hanging out there at the moment!

Jetsam is having a bath! He takes a lot of washing to keep him so white and fluffy

Mocha is hoping that he won't be next for baths!

Hattie thinks Jetsam is rather gorgeous...

Mist couldn't see over her door so now she has a pony guard!

Emma is being a very good girl and standing still

Brendon's spaniel has come to play, not sure what he's up to!

Aaaaa! That's what the spaniels are up to, Trouble has found a hot dog

This is the tack box

A bag of feed

Tabatha appears to have found a nice warm place to sleep

An aerial shot