Tuesday, 9 August 2016

BreyerFest Models

First of all a massive thank you to Aidan's Toy Trove who sourced these beauties for me from BreyerFest. I cannot recommend them enough. You can find their website here: http://aidanstoytrove.com/

First up is the celebration model, I've named him CRS Flight Stallion

I'm not a massive fan of the mould, breed wise he is very good, just not to my tastes. But a lovely example of the breed and so nice to have something a bit different.

He has an adorable face though :p

Second up is my first special run, Sheila (named CRS Sheila's Wheels). My third Bobby Jo, she is just gorgeous!

And finally, I screamed when I first saw this one, there was no way he was not joining my herd! So I paid up and here he is :D

Named CRS Saturnalia

The detail on this model is just incredible. I know some people's had flaws but I seem to have been lucky in all three of my guys that their condition is brilliant. So incredibly in love with this boy!

And to finish...here are the trio :D