Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Model of the Day - Alano

Our model of the day today is CRS Alano de Luca, a lovely little Iberian resin painted here at Chestnut Ridge.

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Name: Alano
Show Name: CRS Alano de Luca
Breed: Lipizzaner
Colour: Grey
Gender: Stallion
Scale: Large Stablemate
Sculptor: Rob Donaldson
Finishwork Artist: Catriona Harris
Resin: Royale
Year Painted: 2011
Face Markings: None
Leg Markings: None
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 182
Best Live Show Placing: Reserve Champion


Sona is the diorama prize for BreyerFest this year and I think she is rather gorgeous!


This colour suits the model so much. She is really beautiful.