Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Some of my new ponies

I haven't introduced you to any of my new models in such a while you are definitely due an update!

First up is Amigo, he is the latest Vintage club model and I am just in love! He is a really stunning piece.

Next is Henry. I picked him up off the spares table at Syria Crisis Appeal Live (if you check the new Julip Originals website you might recognise him)!

I also bought Casius, he is my first ever Pit Pony and I am just in love

Piglet was bought at MHL live, he is just too adorable

Dizzy & Cupcake were a donkey mare and foal that I had done as specials. They are just beautiful

The Wild One is one of the Crystal Moon Studio demons

I bought Lovelace on Saturday. I was really struggling to choose and then chose him, very good choice I think!

He came with Chad. No thought process here at all, the moment he came out nobody else was having him but me!

Bucksfizz was won in the raffle at the MHL Midlands Live. I was so happy that I won him, he's just stunning.