Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Should I start saving now to buy her on the after market? SEEING AS I NEVER GET PICKED *much anger*

This year's winter collector's club model


Breyer Lamp

I've been desperate for a Breyer lamp or clock for a while (would love a Clock Horse). So when I saw someone selling this I just had to have it :D

Completely in love with it, Brendon wants to wire it up, I may allow that at some point. But for now it is just sitting in odd places until I can find somewhere to actually keep it!

It's the Ranchcraft Lamp from the 1960s in Woodgrain (there was also a bay one)

And as you can see has a running mare and foal with it

It's in very good condition, bit of rot underneath, but the horses themselves are doing very well for their age

They have such cute faces!

Dartmoor Live 2016

It was an early start for us on Sunday as we headed down to the first Dartmoor Live in many years. It was a show I really wanted to attend as I'd enjoyed them so much before, despite the very very very long journey!

And it was totally worth it :D Had a great (if not long) day. Even if I did only get home at 10.30!

Thank you to Dorothy and Lauren, you both put in so much hard work to making it a great day. It was wonderful to see some old faces and loads of new ones :D

Full pictures can be found here:

But as usual here are my selected highlights:

One of the tables:

Creative performance entry:

Another lovely performance entry

And another one :D

Tiny little ponies

Performance Championship


Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

I loved this horses paint work

It isn't a live show without a Frankel

Or a Valegro...

Cute little bay Thoroughbred


More gorgeous paint work

More shiny

Always loved this girl

Also isn't a live show unless I bring at least one G2 Appaloosa

Another stunning model

And check out the roaning on this girl

I absolutely adore Emma, she is such a cutey

I am going to steal this one off Jody at some point, just you wait, it will be MINE!

I might steal this as well, gorgeous Deb Brown bay


And Measles :p

Original Finish Championship


Reserve Champion

Custom Championship


Reserve Champion

Artist Resin Championship


Reserve Champion

Songbird :)

UK Workmanship Championship


Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

Cutest model of the day!

A gorgeous Magpie

Commercial Championship


Reserve Champion

I love this model so much :p I want one, and I want to call it Slug

McNabb spent most of the day reporting (until my phone refused to connect to signal anymore), but he also had time to make new friends

CTF Championship


Reserve Champion - CRS Constable


Supreme Champion

Supreme Reserve Champion

Supreme Reserve to Reserve Champion

And the whole line up, with owners :D