Friday, 16 March 2018

Model of the Day - Tiger

Our model of the day today is CRS Tiger Power

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Name: Tiger
Show Name: CRS Tiger Power
Breed: Miniature
Colour: Black Snowcap
Gender: Filly
Brand: Equorum
Mould: Shetland Foal
Scale: Classic
Face Markings: None
Leg Markings: None
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 83
Best Live Show Placing: 1st Place

Must Haves for Your Model Horse Workspace

Here are 10 essential items that every model horse workspace needs.

1. Mini Draw Set

These are so useful! You can organise all your bits and bobs in them so they are easy to hand on your desk.

2. Jars

Perfect for keeping your painting water in or brushes

3. Broken Mugs

Don't through out those broken mugs! They are so useful for putting things in. I keep my pastel brushes in this one.

4. Shelves

Having shelves next to your desk is so helpful. You can use them to store all kinds of things, such as primers and sealants!

5. Tiny Boxes

Where would we be without Really Useful Boxes? These are perfect for holding all kinds of supplies and keeping them organised.

6. Nail Varnish Displays

These are essential for keeping your paints organised.

7. Notice Boards

Great for pinning your todo lists, important information and even reference pictures.

8. White Boards

Great for making notes about all kinds of things and for keeping track of your current projects and ToDo lists.

9. Cocktail Sticks

Literally the most useful tool! Perfect for absolutely every task where would we be without them?

10. Coaster

Pro tip. Put your coffee mug on a coaster and your water mug on the desk. So you can always tell them apart. Until you aren't paying attention that is....