Monday, 27 January 2014

Making Progress & Ultrasonic Cleaner

I took a picture of my little ponies in progress but me being me I left my memory card in my camera! So no pictures I'm afraid...

I have done some work on all of the ponies, one is nearly finished. He was meant to be Champagne but has ended up almost buckskin in colour. I have given him mottled skin anyway so he is technically champagne. He is very beautiful, can't wait to show him off when he's done!

I also got the ultrasonic cleaner and had a chance to try it out. Think it has made an improvement. It definitely cleaned some of the paint off the outside! (yes I did have an airbrush covered in yellow paint after a bit of an incident...). Quite tempted to actually go around and start cleaning random other metal objects now :p

My Iwata airbrush arrived as well, gonna try it out next weekend me thinks