Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Dartmoor Live 2018

Last Sunday we made the epic trip down to Dartmoor for a very exhausting yet brilliant day. We both had a lovely time (OK so I don't think Brendon found parting with £100 to buy me a present that lovely but you know, he did owe me an anniversary gift) :p

The show was a general live show with a performance section and CCR section to start and then an OF, CM and AR section finishing with a plastic CTF and bendy CTF section.

I took a variety of models but mainly my new ones and my RubberNedz of course :D

It was a long drive down but once there I helped set up all the tables and Brendon and I settled into our usual corner. The show ran really well, despite the huge long class list and it was wonderful to chat to lots of people I hadn't seen in ages and make some new friends :D

Dorothy and Lauren both did a really good job, I also loved the rosettes! They were lush and there were some very nice chocolate related prizes (chocolate is always good).

The standard was really high and there were loads of stunning custom models that I hadn't seen before and made for lots of pretty photographs, so enjoy looking through :D

The highlight of the day had to be winning reserve supreme with Albert, that's his second reserve supreme in a month and I'm just over the moon. He is turning out to be such a little superstar, I just can't get enough of him :D

O and second highlight was definitely my beautiful new Valegro custom. Say hello to CRS Champagne Kisses

Anyway onto the photographs.

But for now here are my usual selected highlights:

A gorgeous custom Breyer Bobby Jo

A really lovely commercial china entry

A CCR foal

Another lovely CCR entry

A really cute little cross country entry

A lovely Breyer Andalusian

One of the CTF Western entries

A really stunning Western Trail entry

There's nothing like a good flag race!

Commercial Resin & China Championship


Reserve Champion

A stunning custom Weathergirl

A lovely little scene entry

A close up shot of some beautiful hairing on the tail of a Breyer custom Carrick

Another lovely custom, this time a stablemate

Performance Championship


Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

A shot of the hall showing the custom ring closest to the camera

A Breyer Sierra Rose

This is a lovely little Babysitter resin

An absolutely stunning custom Mangalarga Marchador

Another stunning custom - this time a Mason

And another one! This is a beautiful custom Destado

Lots of minis! The custom partbred class

There were some fun classes at lunch, including other animal, I just had to share this baby Tapir

A spotty Copperfox Exmoor

I must say I am rather in love with Dundee, I am definitely going to have to get one

Just look at those dapples!

A cute little custom donkey

Another gorgeous resin (and a rather nice pouch as well)

An example of awful photography! The light was really not good...

Custom Championship


Reserve Champion

A beautifully painted resin Shetland

Artist Resin & China Championship


Reserve Champion

A lovely Equorum Shire

The CTF classes were, as always, massive! This is the other american class

A cute little Breyer foal

A CTF plastic Fjord

Original Finish Championship


Reserve Champion

A shot of three of the OF championship entries

Charles looking as gorgeous as ever

My stunning new Welsh Pennyweather

CTF Bendy Championship

Champion - CRS Albert I

Reserve Champion - CRS Penny Farthing

CTF Plastic Championship

CTF Plastic Champion

CTF Plastic Reserve Champion


Supreme Champion

Reserve Supreme Champion - CRS Albert I

Reserve to Reserve Supreme Champion