Monday, 26 June 2017

Model of the Day - Citadine

Our model of the day today is CRS Notepads aka Citadine, an original finish Breyer Stablemate.

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Name: Citadine
Show Name: CRS Notepads
Breed: Norman Cob
Colour: Blue Roan
Gender: Stallion
Scale: Stablemate
Brand: Breyer
Model Number: 9121
Model Name: World Equestrian Games: Vaulting
Mould: G4 Drafter
Year Produced: 2010
Face Markings: Star & Snip
Leg Markings: None
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 563
Best Live Show Placing: 3rd Place

A Week In the Life of Chestnut Ridge - Day 7

Today is our final day *awww sad noises* and I hope you've enjoyed this series :) Next week would be boring anyway, it would just be 9-20.00 - Cut certificates.

10.45 - Wake Up

Apparently my watch alarm decided we would have a lie in today...

Before I go and walk Brandy I have to hoover up the cat litter that Caesar has spread all over the landing

11.00-11.55 - Walk Brandy

We have a nice walk in the horribly humid weather. We help an old man find the pub (twice) so are feeling good about ourselves now.

Feed all the animals once back, check the new arrivals haven't died over night (always a good sign) and load the dishwasher

11.55-11.59 - Eventing Series

It is the final day and Show Jumping today, which isn't too time consuming. Starting off the day with a bit of RP in the group, although my brain is feeling a little mush.


Crumpets are OK. Panic over.

11.59-13.34 - Cleaning & Tax

Mum came over to help me figure out wtf is going on with my online tax account (yea my life is fun). Also cleaned the bedroom, did some hoovering and general other boring cleaning related stuff.

13.34-13.36 - Eventing Series

Just like the last three days I'll be doing this throughout the day so the posts are nice and spread out. I should now actually start work for the day!

13.36-16.52 - Ironing

I have such a fun life. "What did you do this weekend?" "O I spent three hours ironing"

16.52-17.05 - Eventing

It's quite late in the day but actually need to get this done!

17.05-17.10 - Photography

I have a tonne of horses that need cataloguing before they can go onto the shelves, so I spend some time photographing them ready to do this.

17.10-17.16 - Eventing & Email Queries

I'm supposed to have a strict "no answering emails outside of work hours" policy but I rarely stick to this. I know it's really bad and I should. At least I turn the work phone off!

17.16-17.30 - Cutting BMECS Tickets

The performance show has a smaller class list which means less cutting *yay*. Even better one section isn't a BMESC qualifier so the tickets are cut out nice and promptly and for once I didn't accidentally cut any of the bottoms off.

17.30-17.35 - Eventing Series

BE90 results are done.

17.35-17.37 - Blog Post

Today's Blog post is another BF Auction model, this time a black spotted Flash

June 25

17.37-17.50 - Clean Bathroom

All upstairs rooms apart from the pony room are now beautifully spotless :) The cat has rewarded my efforts by spreading more cat litter around.

17.50-17.56 - Eventing Series

BE100 is now done :)

17.56-18.03 - Stretches

Really feeling the fact that I didn't do any stretching this morning, so giving the muscles a nice stretch out this evening.

18.03-18.04 - Eventing Series

We are onto the second group and the BE Novice now.

18.04-18.07 - Daily Deal

I become acutely aware that I haven't done a daily deal today. I mean at least I did it right?

18.07-18.10 - Eventing Series

BE Novice is now done, there were only three horses left...

18.07-18.12 - Clean Toilet

I didn't have any bleach left yesterday, I got some more this morning and now the downstairs toilet is nice and shiny :)

18.12-18.13 - Eventing Series

We are onto the BE Intermediate now, which marks the half way point.

18.13-18.26 - Clean Pony Room

The entire upstairs of the house is now spotless :) I shall just live up here and forget the downstairs exists.

18.26-18.31 - Eventing Series

The BE Intermediate is done which means we are on the home straight :) Why do I do this to myself?

18.31-18.40 - Strength Work

I usually don't like doing this stuff in the evening because by now the pain levels are quite high, but it needs to be done every day so I get the weights out and work on strengthening those muscles.

18.40-18.41 - Eventing Series

Is it dinner time yet? I'm hungry and really bored of eventing.

18.41-19.23 - Walk Dog

Brandy needed to go out so we took her for a bit of a walk and also won a raid battle *happy dance*

19.23-19.34 - Eventing Series

Final results are done and uploaded :)

19.34-19.36 - Emails

Emails and book keeping are now dealt with for the weekend :)

19.36-23.00 - Dinner

Brendon wanted Indian. I didn't. So we compromised and he took me out for dinner :)

23.00-23.30 - Pets & Plants

New fish seem to be settling in well. Caesar was VERY ANGRY BECAUSE WE WENT OUT!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this series :) Looking forward to not having to remember to do this all the time next week :p