Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OMG Orange OF Live Rosettes

Look what arrived last week! The rosettes for OMG Orange OF Live.

Sorry about the poor phone pictures, I was in a rush Saturday (had to get to Reading to get Pokemon (thank you Amazon for letting me down)). But it's all good because I got pictures and Pokemon :)

Supreme Champions

Commercial Resin, Commercial China & PS Chips and Pebbles Overalls

Commercial Resin, Commercial China & PS Chips and Pebbles

Breyer Trad & Classic, Breyer SM & LB and PS & Copperfox overalls

Breyer Trad & Classic

Breyer SM & LB

Peter Stone & Copperfox

All rosettes were made by the very talented Liz Hibberd of inspirations rosettes. You can view her Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Inspirations-Rosettes-155439571207677/?fref=ts

Grab your British Breeds

This months photo show is now open!

This month it is all about British Breeds (how awesome is that)?

So get your models, grab your camera and get some pictures :D

Popular Votes Photoshows is a Facebook group for photoshowing model horses. Please make sure you read the rules before entering and in particular pay attention to our no likes rule (this is how the shows are judged).

Enjoy :)