Thursday, 11 January 2018

2018 Model Horse Bucket List

This is kind of like goals but maybe a bit different. I've never thought of doing a model horse bucket list before but I definitely have loads of things I would like to do with model horses over my lifetime! But this is a list of things I would like to do this year.

1. Own a Copperfox Welsh


Why do I not have one of these already? (actually I know why they didn't have any I liked when I went to a tour date). I am going to the Gloucestershire tour in February and plan to get a chestnut. I will own a Welsh!

2. Buy a grail

Image result for monty python holy grail

I have a list of grail models and my aim for this year is to own one of them. Who wouldn't want to finally buy a grail model?

(and yes that is a Monty Python joke)

3. Run a house show

Image result for house

I have wanted to do this for so long. So maybe when we move house I can finally do this and run my own little house show. Although if I could just own a house as big as the one above maybe it would be slightly larger :p Well a girl can dream!

4. Do some beach photography

Image result for beach

I need a beach and some model horses. I have done this before years ago with Crackers but I want to do a proper beach photoshoot!

5. Take Chestnut Ridge to a large event

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I planned on doing this last year but the Summer just ruined everything. So the aim for this year is to get Chestnut Ridge out and get a stall at a much larger event than the little village fetes and fairs we normally do.