Thursday, 11 December 2014

2015 Breyer

Some of the new Breyer releases:



Smokin' Doubledutch
Breyer Traditional 1738 - Smokin Doubledutch

Don't Look Twice
Breyer Traditional 1737 - Don't Look Twice

Polo Pony:
Breyer Traditional 1744 - Santiago - Polo Pony Limited Ed

Breyer Traditional 1746 - Jubilation (Mule Ltd Edition)

Let's Go Riding
Breyer Traditional 1727 - Let's Go Racing

Grullo AQHA
Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Grullo)

Breyer Traditional 1738 - Picasso

Chestnut AQHA
Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Chestnut)

Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Bay)

Palomino AQHA
Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Palomino)

Autism Benefit Horse
Breyer Traditional 1736 - Hope (Autism Benefit Horse)

Breyer Traditional 1735 - Glitterati Breyer 65th Anniversary Edition


Quilted blanket and hood:
Breyer Traditional 2060 - Quilted Blanket and Hood Set (without horse)

Polo saddle set:
Breyer Traditional 2495 - Polo Saddle Set Ltd Ed (without horse)

Pack saddle set:
Breyer Traditional 2496 - Pack Saddle with Panniers Ltd Ed (without Mule)

Going to the horse show set:
Breyer Traditional 2061 - Going to the Horse Show Set (without horse)

Nadia schooling rider:
Breyer Traditional 546 - Nadia Schooling Rider

Polo rider:
Breyer Traditional 544 - Nico Polo Player

Metal coral:
Breyer Traditional 2059 - Metal Livestock Corral (without animals / accessories)

Livestock feeder:
Breyer Traditional 205 - Livestock Feeder (without animals)

Breyer Traditional 2057 - Hot Walker (without horses)



Dun quarter horse:
Breyer Classic 927 - Dun Quarter Horse

Liver chestnut mustang:
Breyer Classic 926 - Liver Chestnut Mustang

Chestnut morgan:
Breyer Classic 928 - Chestnut Morgan

Strawberry roan quarter horse - NEW SCULPTURE ALERT :D
Breyer Classic 62115 - Liam Strawberry Roan Quarter Horse

A Champion is Born:
Breyer Classic 61087 - A Chmpion is Born (Arabian Family)

Butterfly kisses:
Breyer Classic 61088 - Butterfly Kisses


Tack and blanket set:
Breyer Classic 61129 - Tack & Blanket Set (wihtout horse)

Barrel racing set:
Breyer Classic 61089 - Barrel Racing Set

Showjumping set:
Breyer Classic 61090 - Show Jumping Set

Random Stuff

Watercolour painting set:
Breyer Activity Set 4159 - Horse Crazy Watercolor Painting

Horse Crazy surprise painting set:
Breyer Activity Set 4199 - Horse Crazy Surprise Painting Kit (1 horse)

3D Painting set - NEW SCULPTURE ALERT :D
Breyer Activity Set 4203 - 3D Paint-by-Number (Dappled Grey Pony)

Cow and calf set:
Breyer Traditional 1732 - Cow and Calf Set

Hereford Bull:
Breyer Traditional 1733 - Hereford Bull

Deer family:
Breyer Traditional 1734 - Deer Familiy


'Luna' can't wait to go off to her new home. She was one by Cassyy as part of the Chestnut Ridge like and share competition.

She chose a sparkly black coat, purple mane, tail and feet and diamonte eyes and nostrils.

She is a lot more purple than the pictures show, I just can't photograph it!