Tuesday, 24 March 2020

BreyerFest Updates

So whilst desperately running through every possible scenario in my head and how that affects travel insurance and plans and God only knows what else I thought I would do a more cheerful Blog post and update on the BreyerFest special runs.

I know I haven't really been blogging much, life is just really busy right now, but with life being less busy for the foreseeable future I'm afraid you are going to have to put up with me once more!

So let's start with a run down on the 2020 BF special runs that we already know about:

Celebration Model

The celebration model this year is Ballynoe Castle RM, 'Reggie' is a now retired three day eventer. I love this mould and am really looking forward to having one of these! His colour looks really lush.

Early Bird Raffle

The Early Bird Raffle model this year is a black Esprit. Not a massive Esprit fan (despite having a tonne of them) and solid black is very meh. But for some he will definitely be the ticket (see what I did there...ha ha ha...I'm so funny)

Special Runs!

Now onto the fun bit, I must say I've been a bit disappointed in the special runs so far. But you never know, things could improve!

First up, Epona:

Secondly Oak:

Third (and my favourite so far), Hamish:

Fourth is Ash:

And fifth is Lugh (who is the only horse I actually want)!

Store Specials

Again I'm not 100% on any of these, the Clydesdale is nice, but sooo many big horses! You do realise suitcases are small don't you Breyer?

This is Benelli:

And Faugh-a-Ballagh

Sneak Peaks

The current sneak peak is this:

I'm pretty sure that is a Salinero, but happy to be proved wrong! The neck just seems about right to me.

Surprise Model Speculation

So my thoughts are:

Connemara Mare (Croi)
Fell Pony (but as a set of two maybe, I think it's too small to be just one)
The new Welsh mare and foal as a set

My money is on one of the first two though. Obvious choices for a celtic themed event!

I hope you are all enjoying staring at the sun from inside your horses. More BF related content coming soon and hopefully, in July, there will be a wonderful Blog post about how great it was and how wonderful my holiday to the USA was. We can but hope...