Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Meet Some More Models

I was having fun with lights....

Show Name: CRS Dazonu Cataya
Stable Name: Dazonu
Breed: Fantasy
Original Model: Schleich Fairie
Best Live Show Placing: 1st Place
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Lies A Little
Stable Name: Leibling
Breed: Mustang
Artist: Catriona Harris
Best Live Show Placing: None
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Stika For Faith
Stable Name: Sitka
Breed: Mustang
Original Model: Cloud Giftset
Best Live Show Placing: None
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Anne Boleyn
Stable Name: Patagonia
Breed: Polo Pony
Original Model: Breyerfest Patagonia
Best Live Show Placing: 1st Place
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Abeque
Stable Name: Puppy
Breed: Mustang
Artist: Deb Brown
Best Live Show Placing: BMECS 1st Place
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Girly Dreams
Stable Name: Noelle
Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Original Model: Noelle
Best Live Show Placing: 1st Place
Pedigree: Yes

Show Name: CRS Grand Future Technic
Stable Name: GVT
Breed: Friesian
Original Model: Gooitzen fan Teakesyl
Best Live Show Placing: Best of Breed
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Kuchi Kuchi Koo
Stable Name: Kuchi
Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Original Model: Kuchi
Best Live Show Placing: Small Championship Champion
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Adem
Stable Name: Goffert
Breed: Friesian
Original Model: Goffert
Best Live Show Placing: Small Championship Reserve to Reserve Champion
Pedigree: Yes

Show Name: CRS Kordofan Darkside
Stable Name: Kordofan
Breed: Australian Stock Horse
Original Model: Camilla Foal
Best Live Show Placing: None
Pedigree: Yes

Show Name: CRS Masai Mora
Stable Name: Masai
Breed: Paint
Original Model: Camilla Foal
Best Live Show Placing: 2nd Place
Pedigree: Yes

Show Name: CRS Creative Streak
Stable Name: Rothschild
Breed: Paint
Original Model: Camilla Foal
Best Live Show Placing: 3rd Place
Pedigree: Yes

The Halloweenies Customs

Yea I'm really behind with Blog posts I know...

But here are the customs I painted for Halloweenies (clearly I don't already have enough boxes of custom mini models).

1. 'Beautiful' - Cremello - £12.00

2. 'The Beautiful Briny' - Dapple Grey - £15.00

3. 'Beautiful Day' - Few Spot - £15.00 (club members only)

4. 'A Beautiful Mind' - Dunalino - SOLD

5. 'Beautiful Night' - Fleabitten Grey - £7.50

6. CRS Pheonix Rising - Chestnut Sabino with Flecking

7. CRS Firecracker - Chestnut Frosted Hip

8. 'The Beautiful Pain' - Faded Black - £15.00

9. CRS Iron Age Warrior - Grulla

10. 'Witch Foal' - Honey Dun - Halloweenies Raffle Prize Donation

11. CRS Tickle Me Pickle - Dunskin

12. 'Demon Foal' - £12.00

13. 'The Beautiful People' - Grey Dun - £5.00

14. Radioactive Monster Horse - £12.00

15. CRS Serenity - Flaxen Chestnut

16. 'Beautiful Tonight' - Golden Dun - £10.00

17. CRS Masquerade Ball

18. 'Beauty and the Beast' - ON HOLD

So yes! I have been very busy these last few weeks. Email: catriona@chestnutridge.co.uk or comment below to buy any of the for sale horses.

Halloweenies 2014

This is my second year of attending Halloweenies and it was completely awesome :) It is a great show and nice to just have to take mini models with me!

The show was run by the brilliant Claire Goss and raised lots of pennies for race horses.

There is no obligation to attend in fancy dress but me and Brandy felt it would be appropriate to go dressed as crayons.

One of the best things about mini shows is that there are always lots of pretty G2 Appaloosa's for me to look at. Here is a nice line of them on someones table

Melody of course made her usual appearance in the performance section and Emma was as terrified as ever:

She even placed! Which probably scared her a bit more...

This was a nice donkeys on the beach scene

I absolutely adore fantasy classes. This is a random blue horse from the OF one!

Performance Championship


Reserve Champion

Look at the colour on this Animal Artistry

A very pretty and pink Crystal Moon pony

Fluttershy got a placing despite her wing breaking prior to the show

This Crystal Moon Pony was also very nice

I can't remember what these were but they are pretty awesome

My little Bubbles

Halloweenies Championship


Reserve Champion

Peace had to have a little lie down on her certificate

I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful AA cat in a hat

A very cute Schleich foal

This model was just stunning

A very nice extreme custom

G2 Appaloosa alert!

And another one!

A very shaggy maned resculpted G3 Mustang

A beautiful G3 Drafter

And another gorgeous Animal Artistry

Each of the tables had these brilliant decorations on them

I was very upset that I didn't win this stunning china foal in the raffle. However, I still got to get a picture of it



Reserve Champion

A pretty little chip

And a nice G2 Andalusian, I really like this mold



Reserve Champion



Reserve Champion




Reserve to Reserve

All the pictures can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152730832290155.1073741905.689360154&type=1&l=2f7f065663