Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Collector's Club Grab Bags are Here!

It's that time of year again..

I've gone for number 4, so let's see what we get, I LOVE the Collector's Club grab bags!

If you are a Collector's Club member hit www.breyerhorses.com now to place your order.


I've been feltie making! Having done a load of key chains I decided to do an actual horse.

Arrow is a very sweet little red leaping pony. She has a sparkly red felt finish with pink and blue highlights.

She's kinda simple but very cute at the same time.

She is for sale here if anyone would like to rehome her: http://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/arrow-35848-p.asp

Headcollars, Bridles and My Latest Project Piece

Yesterday was a new week which meant a new beginning? And maybe an end to my obsessive bridle making? Well apparently that didn't happen.

So having taught myself how to make nylon halters my latest project is slightly more ambitious and much much more time consuming.

I have literally hundreds of horse books, piles of them, boxes full of them. So many of them! I've always wanted to go through one and use them as reference to recreate the pictures. It is one of the bizarre things I've always wanted to do and well now I've decided to do it.

The book chosen is the DK Complete Guide to Horse care.

Obviously I can't recreate every picture, but the aim is really to go through and use each page and inspiration and help to push myself out of my comfort zone and create something new and a bit different.

Page one and image one and I've made a start. I was instantly stumped by the Eohippus. I did think a resculpt but I can't sculpt for toffee so I think I may just create a sort of unusual decorator repaint.

But behind the little Eohippus is a nice bay hunter with gold and brown leather headcollar. That seemed like a pretty good place to start.

So the body chosen (my body box is a bit thin on the ground right now) is a Classic Duchess.

I started off with the headcollar before I prepped her for painting.

So she now has a smart brown leather headcollar.

Next stage is to prep her and paint her to a nice light bay. She is currently in the priming booth (having had her ear resculpted, she seemed to have been bitten by something in the body box and lost a chunk).

Be nice to see how she turns out!

But I'm afraid to say the bridle bug has not left me.

I made another Classic one yesterday, this time a black fixed cavesson with a gold kimberwicke bit and gold hardware.

I actually quite like this one. It's up for sale at www.chestnutridge.co.uk though

And before you ask...yes I've started on another bridle...brown leather with silver hardware and another kimberwicke bit!