Sunday, 12 October 2014

Two New Customs

I've been hard at work recently painting!

First up is a cremello foal. Wait a second I hear you cry, wasn't that reference picture meant to be for the Classic foal. Yes yes yes it was but Halloweenies is coming up so it seems silly to paint larger models!

So meet 'Beautiful'. He is currently on eBay here:

He has squishy face

And yes I know I really need to do something about the lighting situation!!!

Second up is 'The Beautiful Briny'. This is a G2 Appaloosa done to a dapple grey. I haven't done a grey in quite a long time so this was nice to do.

And yes I know yet again I went for bizarre ribbon colours! I just can't help it! It's like an addiction. They just have to be done in football strip colours or my brain can't function!

As Yet Unnamed

At BV this year I won money off a commission with Donna Lorello and clearly had to get a G2 Appaloosa done!

I wanted something a bit different so I went for a cremello appaloosa.

He has now arrived but I just can't think of a decent name, some people have suggested things but nothing seems to suit him.

I Want to Suck Your Blood

OK so I don't but I think Dracula might!

I wanted to do some Halloween themed things for Halloweenies and well that obviously included felt ponies.

Brendon says he thinks he looks like a goat....