Saturday, 29 November 2014

Your Next Custom Project

They say one mans trash is another mans treasure...

Well maybe that will be the case for you! I have just cleaned out my body box and have listed a huge selection of bodies up for sale.

Variety of scales and makes suitable for all custom projects!,b.html?sortBy=FeaturedDesc

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Black Friday Flash Sale

Chestnut Ridge is starting black Friday early :) Because we want to give you guys as much time as possible to find your dream model horse.

We are running a flash sale this black Friday.

Get 20% off all order placed between Thursday 27th November 2014 16:15 (GMT) and Saturday 29th November 2014 9:00 (GMT).

Discount is applied at checkout, all you have to do is order!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Championship Voting Time

I feel like I am bombarding you guys with this a bit, but hey, let it continue!

Please vote for the champion in Novembers show.

Anyone can vote, one vote per person and you cannot vote for your own horse. Go to the 'November Championship' album.

Voting closes November 28th 2014.

Good luck to all those who have a shot at champion! And thank you guys for voting :)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Purple Unicorn

I wish all my customers gave me commissions like this.

I love to do a commission and when it's finished know that I love it. I really do love this girl, even though she is a pain to photograph.

The brief was basically a purple mulberry grey with a Unicorn horn. It was a bit more detailed than that but you get the idea.

Photography of this girl was difficult. The flash photos give the best idea of the colour of the mane and tail (Cadbury's Purple issues again).

Her body is a very light lilac with purple shading in different colours.

Her mane and tail are a Cadbury's purple with clear gold glitter added over the top.

The horn is sculpted from Amazing sculpt and painted gold to match the ribbons and hooves.

Her shading was done in pastels and was designed to replicate that of a real grey horse.

Her eyes were done just like real horse eyes but with a few changes. Instead of red for the 'veining' I used lilac (everyone knows Unicorn blood is lilac) and the iris' are purple with some gold added.

Overall I think she is subtle and beautiful and most importantly her new mummy loves her. She's happy, I'm happy and I can't wait to see this girl at some live shows next year!

Less Than Two Hours Left to Vote!!!!!!!!!!!

There are less than two hours left to vote in Popular Votes Photoshows November show!

So get on over and vote! Remember anyone can vote, just one vote per class, you vote by 'liking' your favourite picture in each class.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

More eBay Listings

Yep I've listed more!

So what have we got up there now???

Gift Sets x18
OF Breyers x6
Customs x16
ARs x2
Peter Stones x2
Bodies x18
Tack x4
Hobby Supplies x1
Felties x4
Equorums x1

To check out all the awesomeness....go here:

Meet some models

It's time for another 'meet my models' post *yay happy dance*

Show Name: CRS Thesaurus
Stable Name: Sam
Breed: Shetland
Model: #21 Shetland Pony
Best Show Placing: 2nd Place
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Hidden Past
Stable Name: Fear
Breed: Thoroughbred
Model: #5906 Standing Thoroughbred
Best Show Placing: None
Pedigree: No

Show Name: CRS Sun Storm
Stable Name: Sunny
Breed: Mustang
Artist: Deborah Brown
Best Show Placing: 1st Place
Best BMECS Placing: 4th Place

Show Name: CRS Hi Ho
Stable Name: Hi Ho
Breed: Mustang
Artist: Can't remember of the top of my head but he is signed!
Best Show Placing: 1st Place
Best BMECS Placing: 5th Place

Show Name: CRS Don John
Stable Name: Don John
Breed: Mustang
Artist: Deborah Brown
Best Show Placing: Reserve Champion

Show Name: CRS Acapello
Stable Name: Acapello
Breed: Mustang
Artist: Deborah Brown
Best Show Placing: 1st Place
Best BMECS Placing: 2nd Place

Show Name: CRS Crime Scene Investigation
Stable Name: Star Studded
Breed: Mustang
Model: #711112 Star Studded
Best Show Placing: 1st Place

Show Name: CRS Shoe Shop
Stable Name: Blue Suede Shoes
Breed: Mustang
Model: #1266 Blue Suede Shoes
Best Show Placing: 1st Place
Best BMECS Placing: 3rd Place

Show Name: CRS Cyclop's Father
Stable Name: Poseidon
Breed: Mustang
Model: #1301 Treasure Hunt

Saturday, 22 November 2014


Yay :D Finally, she is here. A beautiful, good condition Isabelle. After all the trouble, I finally have her!

She is the darker variation, its amazing how different they look.

Here are some more pictures of her. She doesn't have a showname yet. She is my second dapple black Breyer (I also have Shockwave the Fighting Stallion)


You can now vote in the November show of the 'Popular Votes Photoshows' group.


1 Vote per class
You cannot vote for your own horse

Anyone can vote, whether you showed in the show or not, whether you ever intend to show or not!

The more votes the better, it is easier to get results then :p

Just 'like' the best picture in each class to vote!

Voting closes: 25th November 2014 (after this you will then have the chance to vote for the champion)

eBay Listings

I hope to get some more up tomorrow as well but for now please take a look and have a bid. Great for Christmas presents.

Pretty much next day delivery on all orders (I don't ship Mondays or Thursdays but will get Brendon to if he can).

Friday, 21 November 2014

Breyer Black Friday Sale - Club Members Pre Releases

Oooo exciting. Well would be more exciting if I had money!

If you are a Club Member you get a sneak peak of the models and the chance to buy early.

Three highlights:

1. Enchanted (Huckleberry Bey mold)

2. Eagle (Vintage Club G2 Arabian)

3. Jackson (Vintage Club G3 Jumper)

Other than that there are a selection of discounts. 40% off the year of the horse model (the woodgrain Clock Horse) is quite good and other models have varying amounts off.

Club members can view the sale here:

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Quick and Easy Cremello Tutorial

I have a special Wednesday treat for you *yay*.

This is a Cremello tutorial, taken from our Guide to Customizing. You can buy the full guide here:

So let's get going!

You Will Need:
  • Prepped Model Horse Body
  • Reference Picture
  • Paint (shell, white, red, light blue, black, stone)
  • Pastels (light pink, dark yellow)
  • Sealant
  • Gloss
Please note - always take care when following tutorials and read any safety instructions on the products you are using. Always paint in a well aired room wearing old clothes with a sheet to cover the floor.

This tutorial does not include a guide to painting blue eyes, but I've included a brief description!


Step 1

You will need to use a well prepped body and a good reference picture. I am using a G2 Shetland. Your model should be prepped with white primer.

Step 2

Mix a little shell coloured paint (I am using 'Elf Flesh' by Games Workshop for this tutorial) with some white paint. It needs to be very pale in colour. Cover the whole horse.

Step 3

Take a pink pastel and shade the horse's muzzle, eyes and genitalia. Seal your horse.

Step 4

Take a little dark yellow pastel and shade the horse's muscles. Seal your horse.

Step 5

Now finish off the horses details.

The Eyes

The eyes need to be blue in colour. Do a base of flesh coloured paint. Secondly add some white paint with a tiny bit of red mixed in. Thirdly do the Iris in a light blue colour with a little bit of white. Finally add an oblong shaped pupil in black.

The Hooves

Use a shell coloured or light brown coloured paint for your hooves. You can add detail with pencils if you wish.

The Chestnuts

Use the stone coloured paint to do the horses chestnuts. They should be above the knee on the front legs and below the knee on the back legs.

Step 6

Finally seal your horse one last time. Then gloss the hooves, eyes, nostrils and the edge of the lips.

Enjoy your gorgeous new cremello model!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mini Commissions

I can't believe how long these have taken me! I'm awful...awful...awful....awful....

These five horses were commissions for Amy. All are little mini whinnies, she let me choose all the colours, although they did change a bit over time!

First up is the little standing quarter horse. Originally meant to be a chocolate dapple he ended up a sooty palomino!

Next up is the cutting mini. He is 'coloured' or black pinto

And now the gorgeous girl. A dark liver chestnut ASB with girly ribbons added.

This one is a little bit simple. A nice bay (with panagre maybe)

And finally a nice silver bay. I love this little guy, the colour is so rich.

Glitter and Gem

I love Unicorns....but I do not love these unicorns.

They are awful! They are just fugly...the foal is OK but the mare! Urgh!

For those who do want them they are $35:

Friday, 14 November 2014

Copperfox Model Horses

This is a new kickstarter aimed at producing British Breeds of model horses.

The prototypes are really rather cute and it is great to see British model horses being produced!

Here is the link to the page which has images of the three models:

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Vixen and Blitzen

A new Breyer Web exclusive.

I think they are adorable, although its a pity there are no pictures without the rugs.

Would definitely love a set!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Breyer Zodiac Series

A rather nice new series of classic models in star signs

See how Sagittarius is the biggest? That's cause we're awesome. I really like these.

More 2015 CollectA

Some more of the 2015 CollectA have been released.

Dartmoor Hill Pony in Bay Pinto

Australian Stock Horse in Chestnut

Mustang in Chestnut

Mustang in Light 'Palomino' (yea I know...definitely not palomino)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


This is a new Collector's Club model. Priced at $150 and done as a lottery as normal.




Sunday, 2 November 2014

Faded Black Tutorial

This tutorial was finished ages ago but just haven't had the chance to post it yet, well Sunday appears to be your lucky day and the faded black tutorial is here.

The Colour

'Faded black' is an expression to describe black horses whose coats appear to have faded into a ginger colour. There has been some suggestion of a genetic element to this but nobody is really sure.

Anyway reference picture:

You Will Need

  • Prepped Stablemate Body
  • Light Orange Paint
  • Dark Orange Paint
  • Sand Coloured Paint
  • Black Paint
  • White Paint
  • Light Grey Paint
  • Dark Grey Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Red Paint
  • Earth/Stone Coloured Paint
  • Dark Red Paint
  • Sealant
  • Gloss
Step 1

First we are going to mix some dark and light orange (equal parts) with a little bit of sand coloured paint to dull it down.

Cover the whole horse, you will need to cover the tail as well but if you are using this to hold him you may need to do a second layer like I have had to!

Step 2

We are now going to build up the layers of black. My amazing photoshopping skills will show you where to paint!

You need to build up the black in thin layers, this will allow the ginger to shine through in the relevant places.

First we do the legs and back:

Then we go over those areas again but also do the quarters, withers, neck and face as well as starting on the mane and tail

Now we cover the whole horse apart from the barrel and very tips of the mane and tail:

And finally we cover everything!

Your horse should now look a bit like this:

We are now going to work on the details.


Step 1

As the horse is already black we don't need to do the first black layer. So let's start with the whites. We do a layer of white and then add a little bit of red and mix it in.

Step 2

Now do the iris using a brown paint (you can mix in a bit of gold if you like). Leave a small bit of the white showing in the corner of the eye.

Step 3

The pupil can be done in black paint. Remember a horses pupil is an oblong shape not a round one like a humans.


Step 1

Put a layer of light grey paint on all of the horses hooves.

Step 2

Now do a layer of dark grey paint leaving a small strip of the light grey visible at the top of the hoof.


Step 1

Use a stone coloured paint to create the chestnuts. Look at reference for exact positioning but on a basic level they go above the knee on the front legs and below on the back legs.

Step 2

Use a dark red paint to fill the nostrils.

White Markings

My horse doesn't have any white markings but you can build these up using layers of white paint. Remember where they have white markings on their legs you will need to do light coloured hooves.

Your horse should now be complete! Take a look at my little Arab and don't forget to post your completed horses below.