Wednesday, 27 April 2016

10th Anniversary Event

So as many of you know I'd been after ideas as to what to do for Chestnut Ridge's 10th anniversary next year.

Pretty much everyone wanted a large live show and hobby weekend. So that is what we are going to do!

But I really wanted it to be more than just a show, more than just a hobby weekend and more than just an event focused on Chestnut Ridge.

I wanted to create something in which all of the hobby could get involved and was really focused around hobbyists. I wanted to take all of those ideas for non-live show days that people have had over the years and incorporate them. Everything from the swap meets to "I want to spend a day eating cake".

Cantering Carousel hopefully will achieve that! Yes it will be a celebration of our birthday but it will also be about you, every wonderful hobbyists without which we wouldn't have reached 10 years and who make my life in the hobby so wonderful.

Hence why I didn't want a Chestnut Ridge orientated name and wanted something more universal (thank you to all those who brain stormed with me and then who were completely ignored...).

So here it is, we have a Facebook page and blog and the aim is that every Monday we will announce something new. Obviously our first priority is to secure a venue and weekend next year. The hope is to go for late July/early August and somewhere relatively central.

My plan is to have tickets available from October onwards, so sit tight and keep following, o and share with absolutely every hobbyist you know, it's gonna be an awesome weekend (and there will also be a lot of free stuff...)

Facebook page:


O and every good event needs a logo, so we have a logo!

Yellow Headcollar

Before I was distracted by photoshop and spreadsheets I did actually manage to do something productive this morning.

I give you a bright yellow headcollar

I have quite an impressive rainbow of headcollars going on right now!

'tis for sale if you'd like :)

Blinding Tears

I finished off this tiny little guy late last night but didn't have a chance to photograph him until this morning.

So meet Blinding Tears

He is a Breyer Mini Whinnie rearing Arab Stallion

And he has been painted to a Classic Ivory Champagne (I promise I'll stop painting champagne coloured horses now)

He is £10.00 if you would like to add him to your herd :)