Monday, 31 October 2016

2017 Stablemate Club

Check out Coco the first release in the 2017 Stablemate club!


November's Photoshow - Popular Votes Photoshows

It's nearly November (I know scary) which means that Popular Votes Photoshows has been going strong for 2 years now!

First of all a shout out to October's champion, Rupert owned by Jeannie Leh-Man, very well done to you!

And now, November's show.

November is all about Western Performance. There are 25 performance classes, with all kinds of different disciplines for you to choose from. With 6 entries per class you can be really creative this month!

The show opens tomorrow, if you are new to the group please please please make sure you read the group rules first as these are very important.

You can take part here:

Sunday, 30 October 2016


It's been soooo long since I added an Equorum Shetland foal to my conga. So when I saw this little cutey for sale at a live show at such a cheap price I just had to snap him up.

Isn't he adorable?

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Say Hello to Mr. Darcy

I picked up Darcy at Halloweenies live, but I have only just started unpacking so he is yet to be photographed!

Isn't he beautiful? His show name is CRS Pride and Prejudice. I just couldn't resist a new china and he is so stunning.

Just look at that face!

Here he is settling in with the other AA Arabs and PBAs

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Coeur de Lion

Check out the latest Breyer web special!


Asha was painted as part of a tutorial I've been writing on painting leopard spots. She is a mini whinnie Quarter Horse mare.

And as you can probably see she is a bay leopard spot. She has already found a new home!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Gideon has finally been released for Collector's Club members. He looked much nicer in the flesh than in these pictures.

Hopefully he'll still be around when the final PC model comes out so they can share shipping. With this exchange rate no way I can justify him by himself!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Little Constable joined the herd last weekend and immediately made his mummy proud qualifying for BMECS twice and taking a section champion.

He is my first RubberNedlet and RubberNed number 12 bringing the total collection up to 13!

Just look at his pretty little face!

O and because a lot of people have asked for it, here is the whole herd!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Trick or Treat?

Place an order with Chestnut Ridge this Halloween and you could be in with the chance of winning a Breyer Traditional model horse.

Every order placed before midnight on the 31st October 2016 will come with one of our special mystery halloween envelopes.

Image result for halloween

Inside each envelope is a unique prize. It could be a money off voucher or a piece of model horse tack. Or maybe you will be the one lucky person who will win a free Breyer Traditional scale model horse.

To get your hands on our spooooky envelopes simply order at before midnight GMT on the 31/10/2016 and we will pop one into your parcel.

Good luck!

Black and Gold Breastplate

I finished off this little breastplate today.

It's a Western style breastplate and is Traditional (1:9 scale)

It is made from black leather with black kangeroo leather lace for the straps

It has gold hardware including three working buckles

And also has seven large gold gems to highlight it

If you like it, it is for sale at £4.50 at

Some New Customs

It's been a while since I shared some new customs with you guys.

Painting is a little slow over the last few days because me and the airbrush have had a marital. We are currently not speaking. So no airbrushing for now!

But here are some of the new customs:

Bridge Over Trouble Water

Bay Stablemate G2 Clydesdale

Brief Encounter

Bay roan Mini Whinnie Sliding Stop Quarter Horse

CRS Yggdrasil

Artist pewter Unicorn to decorator

Bright Lights

Mini Whinnie Mustang to Decorator

The first two are for sale at

Drasil is being kept and Bright Lights sold within a few hours!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow Certificates

Well done to everyone who entered our Grand Photoshow.

Here are your certificates to print out or save. Well done again!

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

5th Place

6th Place


Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

Overall Champion

Overall Reserve Champion

Overall Reserve to Reserve Champion

Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow - Results

Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow – Results

A massive thank you to everyone that entered. Below you will find the full results!
If you have won a prize please get in touch J We will post certificates in the Facebook group and on our website for winners to download. You can then print them out and fill them in with your placings!
Prizes will be posted as soon as we have your address (and if you are international payment for postage costs).

Thank you again for entering J We hope you enjoyed the show!

Original Finish


1.       MV El Arat (Annmarie Pottrell)
2.       Harecroft Brown Velvet (Georgie)
3.       Prince of Arabia (Grace Wallace)
4.       MV Desert Rose (Annmarie Pottrell)
5.       Desert Light (Iana Moczar)
6.       Silver Storm (Grace Wallace)


1.       Just Crusing (Grace Wallace)
2.       MV Mr Chips (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       MV Riddick (Annmarie Pottrell)
4.       Mr Brightside (Grace Wallace)
5.       MV Gotta Run (Annmarie Pottrell)
6.       After Effect (Grace Wallace)


1.       FBN Casa Moneda (Sophie Hitchen)
2.       Harecroft Lancelot Brown (Georgie)
3.       Harecroft Fitzcarraldo (Georgie)
4.       MV Ghost Walker (Annmarie Pottrell)
5.       Albus Dumbledore (Izzy Foxfire)
6.       Glaslyn Central Park (Emma Britnell)

Other European Light Horse

1.       MV Feather (Annmarie Pottrell)
2.       MV Milkyway (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       Autumn’s Glow (Iana Moczar)
4.       Harecroft Admiral of the Fleet (Georgie)
5.       Final Destination (Grace Wallace)
6.       Glaslyn Moonstone (Emma Britnell)

American Quarter Horse

1.       Harecroft May King (Georgie)
2.       Saturn’s Dance (Iana Moczar)
3.       MV Zippy (Annmarie Pottrell)
4.       Alaskan Goldrush (Grace Wallace)
5.       MV Mahogeny Bey (Annmarie Pottrell)
6.       MV Starman (Annmarie Pottrell)


1.       California Girl (Grace Wallace)
2.       Cruise Control (Grace Wallace)
3.       Sugar N Spice (Grace Wallace)
4.       Glaslyn Poppyfields (Emma Britnell)
5.       Lady Cream (Eillisha Buccheri)
6.       Morning Footsteps (Iana Moczar)

Paint Horse

1.       Harecroft Crescent Beach (Georgie)
2.       Splash of Colour (Grace Wallace)
3.       Sherlock (Grace Wallace)
4.       Park Ranger (Grace Wallace)
5.       Fleeting Glance (Iana Moczar)
6.       Cesear (Grace Wallace)


1.       Harecroft Diamonds and Dust (Georgie)
2.       Harecroft Earl Grey (Georgie)
3.       Harecroft Mercury Rev (Georgie)
4.       ICS Noble Maiden Fair (Kelly Donaghy)
5.       ICS Touch the Sky (Kelly Donaghy)
6.       ICS Learn Me Right (Kelly Donaghy)

Other American

1.       Harecroft Red Eagle (Georgie)
2.       MV Frisbee (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       MV Here’s Frankie! (Annmarie Pottrell)
4.       OS Finally Believe (Melanie Touchard)
5.       Spring Song (Iana Moczar)
6.       MV Sapphire Isle (Annmarie Pottrell)

British Native Pony

1.       FBN Trewithians Ceri (Sophie Hitchen)
2.       Harecroft Storm in a Teacup (Georgie)
3.       FBN Bachgen Paloma (Sophie Hitchen)
4.       SLS Native Light (Abbie Wheeler)
5.       Drops of Jupiter (Grace Wallace)
6.       Wilderness Explorer (Grace Wallace)

Other Purebred Pony

1.       Counting Stars(Grace Wallace)
2.       FBN Glaciers Pass (Sophie Hitchen)
3.       FBN Choris Anavati (Sophie Hitchen)
4.       Snow White (Grace Wallace)
5.       The Bane Chronicles (Freda Murray)
6.       Glaslyn Honeysuckle (Emma Britnell)

UK Heavy Horse

1.       Harecroft The Winter King (Georgie)
2.       Harecroft Hereward the Wake (Georgie)
3.       FBN Eternal Flame (Sophie Hitchen)
4.       Harecroft Sir Galahad (Georgie)
5.       Pheonix Rising (Mia Messenger)
6.       Glaslyn Rat-A-Tat-Tat (Emma Britnell)

Other Heavy Horse

1.       Chunky ‘n’ Funky (Rebecca Hawkmountain)
2.       ICS Carravogue (Kelly Donaghy)
3.       Highland Ringtail (Freda Murray)
4.       Baguette Boy (Mary Dixon)
5.       Regent Tower (Eillisha Buccheri)
6.       Arnie (Mary Dixon)

Other Purebred Horse

1.       FBN Desert Djinn (Sophie Hitchen)
2.       MV Summer Breeze (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       FBN Excalibre (Sophie Hitchen)
4.       FBN Phantasy (Sophie Hitchen)
5.       Copper Cadillac (Freda Murray)
6.       Glaslyn Mount Rushmore (Emma Britnell)

Partbred Pony

1.       Harecroft King Arthur (Georgie)
2.       MV Strawberry Pie (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       Harecroft Peregrine Bertie (Georgie)
4.       ICS Oreo (Kelly Donaghy)
5.       Earl Grey Blues (Eillisha Buccheri)
6.       MV Eternal Flame (Annmarie Pottrell)

Partbred Horse

1.       Harecroft Hurly Burly (Georgie)
2.       Harecroft Amberglass (Georgie)
3.       FBN Abdelhamid (Sophie Hitchen)
4.       FBN Sunny Peak (Sophie Hitchen)
5.       MV Fluffems (Annmarie Pottrell)
6.       Lucy Locket (Lynn Frances Crook)

Fantasy and Decorator

1.       Once Upon a Time (Freda Murrey)
2.       Epona’s Fury (Eillisha Buccheri)
3.       FBN All Hallows Eve (Sophie Hitchen)
4.       FBN Aurivard (Sophie Hitchen)
5.       Going for Gold (Izzy Foxfire)
6.       FBN Cheyenne Flowers (Sophie Hitchen)

Donkey, Mule, Exotic

1.       MV Fluffy Freddy Donkey (Annmarie Pottrell)
2.       Bountiful Pleasure (Eillisha Buccheri)

Horse Youngstock

1.       ICS Atlanta (Kelly Donaghy)
2.       Harecroft Snow Pigeon (Georgie)
3.       Rocky (Mia Messenger)
4.       Glaslyn Tresor (Emma Britnell)
5.       SLS Missing Sweetheart (Abbie Wheeler)
6.       Copacabana (Rebecca Hawkmountain)

Pony Youngstock

1.       ICS Biscuit (Kelly Donaghy)
2.       Stargrazer (Freda Murray)
3.       Lightfoot (Lauren Bartholomew)
4.       Glaslyn Tootsie Pop (Emma Britnell)
5.       Painted Joy (Eillisha Buccheri)

Original Finish Champion – Harecroft Red Eagle (Georgie)
Original Finish Reserve Champion – Harecroft The Winter King (Georgie)
Original Finish Reserve to Reserve Champion – FBN Desert Djinn (Sophie Hitchen)

Custom Finish


1.       Glaslyn Bronzewing (Emma Britnell)
2.       ICS Pyschill (Kelly Donaghy)


1.       Fionchra (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Moon Roar de Brume (Melanie Touchard)
3.       SSC Mars (Sophia Connely)
4.       Glaslyn The Real Deal (Emma Britnell) (chestnut)
5.       Glaslyn The Real Deal (Emma Britnell) (bay)
6.       ICS Asamara (Kelly Donaghy)


1.       Harecroft Adelina (Georgie)
2.       Grendon’s Agrento (Rebecca Hawkmountain)

Other European Light Horse

1.       Marymia (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Donnertanzerin (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Glaslyn Suddenly Silver (Emma Britnell)
4.       Glaslyn Chocolate Drop (Emma Britnell)
5.       Cotswold Lad (Martin Pateman)
6.       LFS Dutch Master (Martin Pateman)

American Quarter Horse

1.       Billy Blue Jeans (Grace Wallace)
2.       Glaslyn Sunbeam (Emma Britnell)
3.       Glaslyn Rocket Man (Emma Britnell)
4.       Starburst Valentine (Martin Pateman)
5.       Dusty Rose (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)


1.       LFS Western Pearl (Martin Pateman)
2.       ICS Time Lapse (Kelly Donaghy)
3.       Feathered Dreams (Jennifer Klar)
4.       Lots of Spots (Mia Messenger)

Paint Horse

1.       Bronzewing (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       LFS Arizona (Martin Pateman)
3.       Sarquiel (Izzy Foxfire)
4.       Concrete Angel (Catie Griffin)
5.       FBN Starlight Skye (Sophie Hitchen)


1.       Starry Knight (Izzy Foxfire)
2.       Shining Star (Eillisha Buccheri)

Other American

1.       Vanilla Twilight (Catie Griffin)
2.       LFS Heart’s Desire (Martin Pateman)
3.       Fools Gold (Kristin Bennellick)

British Native Pony

1.       Harecroft Bullfinch (Georgie)
2.       Harecroft Master Mordecai (Georgie)
3.       Branan (Lauren Beveridge)
4.       Blackbird (Kristin Bennellick)
5.       Billy (Mia Messenger)
6.       ICS Rusty (Kelly Donaghy)

Other Purebred Pony

1.       Mayblossom (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Big Guns Cherubino (Ingunn Aasland)
3.       Confetti Funday (Rebecca Hawkmountain)
4.       Of Guns and Roses (Eillisha Buccheri)
5.       Princess Diamond Sparkle of Sparkle Land (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)
6.       Princess Peach (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)

UK Heavy Horse

1.       Harecroft Ulysses (Georgie)
2.       SLS Mr. Ben (Abbie Wheeler)

Other Heavy Horse

1.       Whipped Cream Sundae (Rebecca Hawkmountain)

Other Purebred Horse

1.       Asriel (Izzy Foxfire)
2.       Italy Feliciano (Eillisha Buccheri)
3.       Spot On (Izzy Foxfire)
4.       Civils Twilight (Izzy Foxfire)
5.       Freak Like Me (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)
6.       ICS Omnitica (Kelly Donaghy)

Partbred Pony

1.       Dance With Me (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Glaslyn Silver Skies (Emma Britnell)
3.       Glaslyn Gone and Dun It (Emma Britnell)

Partbred Horse

1.       Harecroft Beltane Fire (Georgie)
2.       Ruben (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Clyde (Lauren Beveridge)
4.       Hunkypunk (Lauren Beveridge)
5.       A Change of Seasons (Rebecca Hawkmountain)
6.       Glaslyn Masked Man (Emma Britnell)

Fantasy and Decorator

1.       ICS Oberon (Kelly Donaghy)
2.       Windwhistle Dream Gazer (Lynn Frances Crook)
3.       Wilderness at Dawn (Iana Moczar)
4.       War Horse (Izzy Foxfire)

Donkey, Mule, Exotic

Horse Youngstock

1.       Harecroft Dixie Junebug (Georgie)
2.       ICS Aspen (Kelly Donaghy)
3.       Glaslyn Little Jim (Emma Britnell)
4.       Glaslyn Talisman (Emma Britnell)
5.       Tiny Trixie (Freda Murray)
6.       Might Tiny (Nicole Hopkins)

Pony Youngstock

Custom Finish Champion – Harecroft Beltane Fire (Georgie)
Custom Finish Reserve Champion – Dance With Me (Lauren Beveridge)
Custom Finish Reserve to Reserve Champion –Harecroft Adelina (Georgie)

Artist Resin


1.       Nazeem (Liz Hibberd)
2.       MV Looks Like Rain (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       ICS Aguilette (Kelly Donaghy)
4.       LFS Farasha (Martin Pateman)
5.       MV Golden Axe (Annmarie Pottrell)
6.       Mystic Blue (Izzy Foxfire)


1.       Rumour Has It (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       MV Ruthless Hold (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       LFS Seabrook (Martin Pateman)
4.       Under Starters Orders (Liz Hibberd)
5.       DJS Venus (Harriotte Preston)
6.       ICS Midnight Runner (Kelly Donaghy)


1.       Harecroft Heliodoro (Georgie)
2.       Trigueros (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Flroizel (Lauren Beveridge)
4.       MV Mandarb (Annmarie Pottrell)

Other European Light Horse

1.       Aslan (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Copernicus (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Xquisit (Lauren Beveridge)
4.       Geothe (Lauren Beveridge)
5.       Merlina (Liz Hibberd)
6.       Rudyard (Lauren Beveridge)

American Quarter Horse

1.       Puckihuddle (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Hunnypenny (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       LFS Liberty Belle (Martin Pateman)
4.       LFS King’s Rein (Martin Pateman)


1.       The Showman (Liz Hibberd)
2.       Hoity Toity (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Smokin’ Hotshot (Liz Hibberd)

Paint Horse

1.       LFS Starburst Dynamite (Martin Pateman)
2.       Lightsonic (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       LFS Dakota’s Pride (Martin Pateman)
4.       Cloudbreak (Lauren Beveridge)
5.       ICS Hold Your Colour (Kelly Donaghy)
6.       Applegarth Bubbles (Mary Dixon)


1.       Sundance (Lauren Beveridge)

Other American

1.       Navajo Chief (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Arsonists Lullaby (Izzy Foxfire)
3.       ICS Propane Nightmares (Kelly Donaghy)
4.       DJS Mnemosyne’s Memories (Harriote Preston)

British Native Pony

1.       Harecroft Willowood (Georgie)
2.       Rhubarb (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Marryn (Lauren Beveridge)
4.       Rhys (Lauren Beveridge)
5.       Dear Prudence (Lauren Beveridge)
6.       Beatrix Potter (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)

Other Purebred Pony

1.       Moonflower (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Periwinkle (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Saefaxa (Lauren Beveridge)

UK Heavy Horse

1.       Samson (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Harecroft Sir Lancelot (Georgie)

Other Heavy Horse

1.       Harris (Lauren Beveridge)

Other Purebred Horse

1.       MV Tigger (Annmarie Pottrell)

Partbred Pony

1.       MV Cassy (Annmarie Pottrell)
2.       MV Jake (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       Kit Kat (Liz Hibberd)

Partbred Horse

1.       Pandora (Kristin Bennellick)
2.       Pint Pot (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Cinders (Lauren Beveridge)
4.       MV The Wall (Annmarie Pottrell)
5.       Something Wicked (Lauren Beveridge)
6.       Valkyrie (Lauren Beveridge)

Fantasy and Decorator

1.       Painted Pony (Lynn Frances Crook)

Donkey, Mule, Exotic

Horse Youngstock

1.       Faerie to Make (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Harecroft Tristran Thorn (Georgie)
3.       Water Dancer (Mary Dixon)

Pony Youngstock

1.       Peter Rabbit (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)
Artist Resin Champion – Aslan (Lauren Beveridge)
Artist Resin Reserve Champion – Pandora (Kristin Bennellick)
Artist Resin Reserve to Reserve Champion – Moonflower (Lauren Beveridge)



1.       Harecroft Echo (Georgie)
2.       Westloch Kristian (Lisa Galloway)
3.       RTF Saskia (Annmarie Pottrell)
4.       MV Katana (Annmarie Pottrell)
5.       Westloch Ibn Ibrahim (Lisa Galloway)
6.       Westloch Pharaoh (Lisa Galloway)


1.       Westloch Rith Abhaile (Lisa Galloway)
2.       Harecroft The Grey King (Georgie)
3.       Stardust (Sue Howes)


1.       Westloch Ayamonte (Lisa Galloway)
2.       Harecroft Thistlecrack (Georgie)
3.       Mettalica (Lynn Frances Crook)
4.       Westloch Aviero (Lisa Galloway)
5.       Wayfaring Stranger (Freda Murray)
6.       Silent Brother (Freda Murrey)

Other European Light Horse

1.       Black Grouse (Freda Murrey)
2.       May Skydancer (Freda Murrey)
3.       Harecroft Pheonix (Georgie)
4.       Joey (Mia Messenger)
5.       SLS Sky Full of Stars (Abbie Wheeler)
6.       Twilight (Catie Griffin)

American Quarter Horse

1.       Pumpkin (Taylor Hutton)


1.       Harecroft William Blake (Georgie)
2.       Harecroft Unnamed (Georgie)
3.       Westloch Adagio (Lisa Galloway)
4.       Westloch Lyndhurst (Lisa Galloway)
5.       Westloch Talasea (Lisa Galloway)
6.       Stripe Stallion (Lynn Frances Crook)

Paint Horse

1.       Moon Mare (Lynn Frances Crook)
2.       Topsey Turvy (Taylor Hutton)
3.       Bella (Nicole Hopkins)


1.       Harecroft Steel Riot (Georgie)
2.       Westloch Loreto (Lisa Galloway)
3.       Westloch Atalaya (Lisa Galloway)
4.       Westloch Callao (Lisa Galloway)
5.       Show Stopper (Lynn Frances Crook)
6.       American Beauty Psycho (Taylor Hutton)

Other American

1.       Heavenly Fire (Freda Murray)
2.       Starlight (Nicole Hopkins)

British Native Pony

1.       Harecroft Barleyman Butterburr (Georgie)
2.       Harecroft Larkwing (Georgie)
3.       Pepe Le Pew (Sue Howes)
4.       Westloch Llanfynydd Eira (Lisa Galloway)
5.       Westloch Pentrellwyn Rhion (Lisa Galloway)
6.       Westloch Beinn Athfhinn (Lisa Galloway)

Other Purebred Pony

1.       Harecrot Starri Brisgyllin (Georgie)
2.       RTF Alidab (Annmarie Pottrell)
3.       Westloch Ardingly (Lisa Galloway)
4.       Glaslyn Trondheim (Emma Britnell)
5.       Westloch Akureyri (Lisa Galloway)
6.       Westloch Aerandir (Lisa Galloway)

UK Heavy Horse

1.       Harecroft Clumper (Georgie)
2.       Boxer (Lynn Frances Crook)
3.       Westloch Breagh Mharr (Lisa Galloway)
4.       SLS Bell Ringer (Abbie Wheeler)
5.       Prince (Mia Messenger)
6.       Sherman (Sue Howes)

Other Heavy Horse

1.       Westloch Evreux (Lisa Galloway)
2.       Westloch Avranches (Lisa Galloway)
3.       Solitary Man (Freda Murray)
4.       Quiet Flame (Mia Messenger)
5.       The Truffle Shuffle (Taylor Hutton)

Other Purebred Horse

1.       Harecroft Mancha (Georgie)
2.       Westloch Kensington (Lisa Galloway)
3.       Shades of Summer (Mia Messenger)
4.       Oasis (Taylor Hutton)

Partbred Pony

1.       Westloch Crystal Serenity (Lisa Galloway)
2.       Harecroft Smoke N’ Oakum (Georgie)
3.       Westloch Cathair Luail (Lisa Galloway)
4.       Westloch Popcorn (Lisa Galloway)
5.       Westloch Kerensa (Lisa Galloway)

Partbred Horse

1.       Harecroft HMS Surprise (Georgie)
2.       Westloch Reykjanes (Lisa Galloway)
3.       Westloch Varennes (Lisa Galloway)
4.       Westloch Oceana (Lisa Galloway)
5.       Westloch Royal Reflection (Lisa Galloway)
6.       Put The Records On (Taylor Hutton)

Fantasy and Decorator

1.       Rainbow Dash (Kristin Bennellick)
2.       Shimmer (Mia Messenger)

Donkey, Mule, Exotic

1.       Bramble (Sue Howes)
2.       Harecroft Merriweather (Georgie)
3.       Glaslyn Sailor Hat (Emma Britnell)
4.       Romeo (Freda Murray)
5.       Muller (Rebecca Hawkmountain)
6.       Tachi (Sue Howes)

Horse Youngstock

1.       RTF War Braker (Annmarie Pottrell)
2.       Brie (Freda Murrey)
3.       Fenella (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)
4.       Milo (Nicole Hopkins)

Pony Youngstock

1.       Harecroft Ostar (Georgie)
2.       Westloch Ben Vorlich (Lisa Galloway)
3.       Westloch Taransay (Lisa Galloway)
4.       Belle (Nicole Hopkins)
CTF Champion – Harecroft Clumper (Georgie)
CTF Reserve Champion – Bramble (Sue Howes)
CTF Reserve to Reserve Champion – Harecroft Ostar (Georgie)



1.       LFS Puzzle (Martin Pateman)
2.       OS Teddy Bear (Melanie Touchard)
3.       OS Princesse Vendome (Melanie Touchard)
4.       Firefox (Lynn Frances Crook)
5.       Juniper (Nicole Hopkins)
6.       Angel (Nicole Hopkins)


1.       Something Wicked (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       LFS Celtic Rose (Martin Pateman)
3.       Anselm (Lauren Beveridge)
4.       Anthracite du Clos du Rohan (Melanie Touchard)
5.       Athena (Nicole Hopkins)

English Ridden Horse and Pony

1.       Champagne Kisses (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Something Wicked (Lauren Beveridge)
3.       Marble (Mia Messenger)


1.       Pop Goes the Weasel (Lynn Frances Crook)

Other English Performance

1.       Valkyrie (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Point to Point Meet (Annmarie Pottrell)

Western Pleasure

1.       LFS Dakota’s Pride (Martin Pateman)

Western Trail

1.       ICS (Kelly Donaghy)
2.       LFS Paint the Town (Martin Pateman)
3.       Desert Raider (Lynn Frances Crook)
4.       ICS Cookie Thumper (Kelly Donaghy)
5.       Poetry in Motion (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)

Other Western Performance

1.       MV Done a Run (Annmarie Pottrell)
2.       DPS Crimson Peak (Melanie Touchard)
3.       OS Ocean Jaws (Melanie Touchard)


1.       Saddle the Sea (Iana Moczar)
2.       Royal Safferon (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)
3.       Zara (Nicole Hopkins)
4.       FBN Concordia (Sophie Hitchen)
5.       FBN Nazgul (Sophie Hitchen)

Other Performance

1.       Lipizzaner Display (Lynn Frances Crook)
2.       SSC Starr (Sophia Connolly)
3.       FBN Pitch Black & FBN Casa Moneda & Julietta (Sophie Hitchen)
Performance Champion – Something Wicked (Lauren Beveridge)
Performance Reserve Champion – MV Done a Run (Annmarie Pottrell)
Performance Reserve to Reserve Champion – Champagne Kisses (Lauren Beveridge)


Mare & Foal

1.       Ondine & Aster (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Saffron & Coriander (Susan Howes)
3.       Polly & Measles (Lynn Frances Crook)
4.       Valentine & Heartbreaker (Mia Messenger)
5.       Moonlight & Luna (Lynn Frances Crook)
6.       Glaslyn Blast From the Past & Glaslyn Little League (Emma Britnell)

Best Custom by Owner

1.       Big Girls Don’t Cry (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)
2.       ICS Aspen (Kelly Donaghy)
3.       Concrete Angel (Catie Griffin)
4.       ICS Oberon (Kelly Donaghy)
5.       Beatrix Potter (Lydia Elizabeth Ledward)
6.       Pigmented Opal (Joel Bertelli)

Other Animal

1.       Cara (Iana Moczar)
2.       Matilda (Freda Murray)
3.       Squeaky (Mia Messenger)
4.       Chubs (Freda Murray)
5.       Ferris (Freda Murray)
6.       Lily (Emily Judge)


1.       ICS Midnight Runner and Lorna (Kelly Donaghy)
2.       Dawning Glory (Iana Moczar)
3.       Magic Encounter (Iana Moczar)
4.       ICS Midnight Runner and John (Kelly Donaghy)
5.       ICS Blue Jay and Lorna (Kelly Donaghy)
6.       Tamo and Sorrel (Lynn Frances Crook)
7.       Jeepster (Lynn Frances Crook)

Most Unrealistic Photo

1.       Eaten by Bunnies (Joel Bertelli)
2.       Windwhistle Watch and Learn (Lynn Frances Crook)
3.       Frodo’s Friend (Nickie Pywell)
4.       Lily’s First Riding Lesson (Sophie Hitchen)

Funniest Photograph

1.       Stardust, Coriander and Pepe Le Pew (Sue Howes)
2.       Golden Wonder (Jennifer Klar)

Family Group/Herd

1.       Floraigh, Fionghan and Taliskar (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Fell Pony Family (Sue Howes)
3.       Cochice’s Family (Lynn Frances Crook)
4.       Shetland Family (Emily Judge)
5.       Black Heart (Jennifer Klar)


1.       Going for Gold (Izzy Foxfire)
2.       FBN D’Nali (Sophie Hitchen)
3.       FBN Cheyenne Flower (Sophie Hitchen)
4.       FBN Heartbreaker (Sophie Hitchen)
5.       FBN Aurivard (Sophie Hitchen)
6.       FBN Bachgen Paloma (Sophie Hitchen)

Cutest Foal

1.       Benjamin (Lauren Beveridge)
2.       Glaslyn Tootsie Pop (Emma Britnell)
3.       Lightfoot (Lauren Bartholomew)
4.       Half Moon (Jennifer Klar)
5.       Petal (Taylor Hutton)
6.       Anistacia (Nicole Hopkins)

Photo Edited Picture

1.       FBN Abdelhamid (Sophie Hitchen)
2.       Champagne on Deck (Rebecca Hawkmountain)
Fun Champion – Benjamin (Lauren Beveridge)
Fun Reserve Champion – ICS Midnight Runner & Lorna (Kelly Donaghy)
Fun Reserve to Reserve Champion - Ondine & Aster (Lauren Beveridge)

Harecroft Red Eagle owned by Georgie

Overall Reserve Champion
Benjamin owned by Lauren Beveridge

Harecroft Beltane Fire owned by Georgie