Thursday, 15 September 2016

Articles Wanted!

Back the grind and I really need to get finished with October's magazine!

There was a huge delay on August's due to my darling computer deleting the entire thing (thanks) but that has been issued and I am starting work on October's.

The theme for October is....SPOTS!

Your article can be as long or as short as you like, it can be about anything you want as long as it is vaguely horsey or model horsey related and somehow fits in the 'spots' theme.

Please email all articles to by October 12th at the latest!

Please make sure any images you include with your article are your own.

As a massive thank you for submitting you will get a finalised copy of the magazine (sent as a PDF) and up to one A4 side advertising. Adverts must also be received by October 12th.

You will also get your article read by all our subscribers *happy dance*

Glitterati thinks there should be a whole article just about him (I've suggested maybe not...)

Breyer Holiday Collection is Here!

So I have a bit of a confession to make. I've never really been taken with the Breyer ornaments, but I've also never really seen them in the flesh before. I have a couple of modified race horses that I show and a few that came with a Christmas horse a few years back. But I've never actually actively gone out and bought them before.

But I think my mind is completely changed on that one. I chose to get a variety of items in this year, essentially we have the entire Holiday Collection but quite small stock numbers (there are only four of some of the ornaments) but OMGOSH they are beautiful!

I think my favourite has to be the Bejeweled one (not surprising) but I actually really like the Gypsy Vanner as well, and the Carousel horse.

Here is a shot of everything together (minus the snow globe):

And here are the individual ornaments (no pics of the snow globe as that would require me buying one and taking it out the box :p but the Breyer images are usually pretty good).

American Pharoah:

Best Friends

Artist Collection - Ponies

Woodland Splendor Stirrup Ornament


Beautiful Breeds - Gypsy Vanner

Tartan Carousel

You can order all of these along with Woodland Splendor and the snow globe at