Thursday, 19 September 2019

Countdown to BMECS 2019 - 8 Days Till D-Day!

You know how something just creeps up on you like the creepy old man at the bus stop? Yep. Well that's BMECS this year and OMG THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO!

So I started packing last weekend (good me) but things descended into complete mayhem and chaos as I decided to spend the last few days being a depressed artist, drawing melancholy pictures and writing poetry like a 13 year old girl who has just read Edgar Allen Poe for the first time and has John Clare's I Am written on her wall.

Image may contain: food

Look a packed box! I can take a break now right?

So what is left on my to do list for this year's BMECS.

Well first and foremost I need to like pack my horses...I'm taking 399 this year! So you know not that many, and well 399 horses need to be in boxes by next Friday. Which is fine. Until you think that one of my scene entries is literally in pieces, hasn't been assembled since last 2016 and was raided for bits for another scene entry which I'm also entering. So umm yea everything is fine right? *panics*

On top of that the Christmas horses are late. Which means I have to find a different raffle prize. Brilliant. I'm tempted to do an order simply so I have something to sell because there isn't a chance in potato land that I'll have something painted and ready to sell by next weekend let alone more than one thing!

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The last horse I actually finished painting, over a month ago!

So yes. Chaos reins here and I am very stressed. How are you getting on with your BMECS prep? Probably better than me! That said I'm looking forward to getting very drunk, eating waaaay too much pizza, sharing some cookie dough (with Donna probably :p ) and generally having a great weekend with my besties, believe me I need it!