Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Week in the Life of Chestnut Ridge - Day 2

Day two of our week long what do we do post :)

6.02 - Awake

I hate alarm clocks, woke up to a hot and humid house. Really hating the cat a lot in this weather.

6.23-7.35 - Walking Brandy

Me: "There you go, have a quick dip in the pond"

Stupid dog.

7.35-7.44 - Feeding Animals

They are already sulking about the weather and it isn't even 8am yet. I need air con.

7.49-08.04 - Exercises

Doing my morning stretches and weights work is most important!

08.04-08.18 - Fitstar

I'm supposed to do this daily as well as my run but it was too hot yesterday! As it is also too hot today I thought I'd alternate and do this one this morning and then do a run again tomorrow morning.

8.18-8.25 - Breakfast

Today we have two slices of fruit toast (I know) and a glass of orange juice. We have some coffee I made earlier as well :p

8.25-9.00 - Studying

As with yesterday I spend the last part of the morning studying for my BHS exams. I'm still doing health and safety today.

9.00-9.32 - Emails & Social Media

I start the day by getting the daily deal done before going through all my emails. Renewed the domain name for another 10 years. That means I can rest for the rest of the day right?

I also do a few Facebook posts for the day, I try to space out social media posts throughout the day and the schedule feature is really useful for this when I'm busy!

9.32-09.50 - Marketing Email

Every Tuesday we work on a marketing email that is scheduled to send later on in the day.

This week it is about our Summer sale, a nice bright yellow background a few featured products. I am working on 'less is more' for our emails!

Now it's time for another coffee, I should probably also eat that second slice of toast I made for breakfast.

10.00-10.15 - Popular Votes Photoshows

I need to spend time each week just checking through making sure there is nothing in the wrong place or going wrong and also entering some of my own photographs to the show.

This show is pretty low maintenance until the end of each month where it is like a mad dash!

Today I am entering a few more of my own horses, the show this month is for spotty ponies. Or I would be if the internet would work properly...

10.15-10.32 - YouTube Video

I try and do at least one YouTube video a week.

Worth noting at this point that I have no video skill and my camera hates me. I am hoping that my aspiring film director of a younger sister will teach me how to create in focus videos once her exams are over...

I leave it to upload as I get on with my day.

10.35-10.41 - Photographing/Emailing

I finished off a repair job for a customer on Sunday so just photographing him and sending over conformation pictures to make sure she is happy with how he's turned out.

I don't usually do repair work, but this one was a reasonably easy fix (not a complete strip down, it could actually be repaired) so I happily took him back. He was painted back in 2011 originally and had suffered some nasty facial damage meaning he had to be completely reprimed on the face.

10.43-11.16 - Writing Up Results

I have three shows worth of results to write up so using some time this morning to try and make a dent!

11.16-11.56 - Collecting Horses

Off to the store room to collect horses. It really needs tidying!

Air con in car was lovely, tempted to just spend day sat in car.

11.56-12.42 - Packing Parcels

Some days do just take a lot longer than others. It's not necessarily about quantity always, often it is just orders that take time (such as hobby supplies, Schleich and mixed orders etc).

12.42-13.12 - Posting Parcels

I love the Coop it has like insanely cold air con and it's amazing. Do you think I could just sit in there and work?

13.20-13.24 - Shopping

I have become acutely aware that I only own one pair of shorts. So a quick hit up of eBay this afternoon to get some cheap slave made shorts.

On that note, why are all shorts really really really short?

13.24-13.48 - Tack Making

I normally try and spend an hour tack making but parcels took ages. Today I made a nice browband and finished off a rug I started last week.

13.48-14.00 - Cook Lunch

Put lunch onto cook and hung the washing on the line.

Now it's time to do half an hours worth of BHS studying (whilst listening to the Archers of course).

14.00-14.33 - Studying

Whilst eating my lunch I do some more studying for my BHS exams.

At this point normally I would go to work (or would have already left) but I have no sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays this term.

14.34-14.42 - Model of the Day

A fun little thing I like to do each day, it gives a bit more variety to the Chestnut Ridge Facebook page and also allows people to see some horses from my collection that otherwise you don't get to see.

14.42-15.03 - Adding New Website Products

First thing on the afternoon catch up is to add two new tack items to the website. It can take some time to add new custom tack items because each variant has to be individually added and the internet can be REALLY SLOW!

15.04-15.06 - Cat Litter

Next job, clean the cat litter tray.

15.06-15.10 - Blog Post

A nice Blog post with some of the new BF Auction horses, I love this one that I've added the image of below

5th Release

15.10-15.33 - Clean Out Guinea Pigs

Final thing on my catchup list is to clean out the guinea pigs. Poor boys are rather hot, not that that in anyway stops them from having an argument because I didn't put a house back in the correct place...

15.34-17.37 - Writing Up Results

The amount of time I devote to typing up results is ridiculous! But I have now written up all the results from the last three shows. I have also completely run out of space for rosettes.

17.38-18.15 - Clean Study

Finished off the cleaning of the chaos that I started yesterday, now we have a beautiful (if not rather cluttered) work space.

18.15-19.00 - Cook Dinner

I actually spent most of the time sat outside where it is noticibly cooler than inside! Also did the washing and tidied up a bit.

19.00-20.00 - Watch TV

I started watching a show whilst eating dinner and didn't have the energy to get up again and finish cleaning or do my usual Tuesday evening baking #lazyfailure

20.00-20.16 - Animals and Plants

Nearly time for bed *yay* I'm sooo tired. Garden has been watered and guinea pigs, fish, cat and dog all fed. Now it's time to melt in our rather overly hot bedroom. How much does and air con unit cost I wonder?

Breyer Auction Horses

I've been a bit behind on sharing these but we have some gorgeous models this year!

First up is this gorgeous pinto Marchador


Second is a lovely grulla SJW. I really like the colour on this one.


Next a chestnut blanket Adios


And now a pinto Totilas


Finally is my absolute favourite, a silver dapple Emma. Look how rich that coat is!

5th Release

Model of the Day - Lotus

Our model of the day today is the very sweet Lotus, a custom Peter Stone Weanling

Image may contain: horse

Name: Lotus
Show Name: CRS Lotus Flower
Breed: Unicorn
Colour: Purple
Gender: Filly
Scale: Traditional
Brand: Peter Stone
Artist: Sophie Lightfoot
Mould: Weanling
Year Painted: 2014
Face Markings: None
Leg Markings: None
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 694
Best Live Show Placing: Small Section Champion

Model Horse Tack Making Supplies

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